Trustfire 14500's

Just got these in today and as you can see by the pic that there a tad bit longer then the AW's, which for me sucks since these were going to be used in the D10. The only thing bad is that i have to use it as a twisty since the piston will not move. If i used the light as a twisty i can loosen the head about 1/4 and use the pd (piston drive) as a way for momentary on in this configuration. And another issue i have is my Olight T15......when using these cells its hard to change modes via loosening the head and tightening to switch brightness levels. For me it may not be an issue since most of the time its on high anyway, but for those of you that dont like this might want to stick to liths of the same size as the AW's. Value wise these cells do the job and may be a tad bit long for some of the single celled lights you own. I have more coming and they work and fit well in my ITP. Hey for 2 you just cant beat the price and the wait.

Well that kinda sucks because I just bought 2 of them. Frown

AFAIR only one of my lights that can take a 14500 at all can't take the extra length of a protected cell and since it isn't recommended to use 14500s in the Tank007 E07 anyway...

Well i am happy with the performance of the cells......for the price and wait you just cant beat it.

You'll usually wait longer for AW cells and spend twice as much. Can't beat the price and the protection seems to work. Must do some runtimes on these cells and see how I get on.

Cool.....i am willing to wait for that, would love to see what you get. Got my other package today from SB, now i know why you like lights that use drop-ins.......the L2m is nice but the head area is on the big side.

Problem with P60 lights is how much light the head and bezel obscure. Think the Klingon bezel in my sig.

Will experiment soon on just how much light they lose.

Thats why im glad i picked the SS flat bezel.......