Trustfire 3x XML T6 (tmart deal?) $25

So Im wondering if anyone has this from tmart and can give any input as to if this is a good deal? Also, im wondering if this countdown deal clock means the deal is on now or will start when the clock reaches zero?

Trustfire 3x Xml T6 (5 mode)

Fasttech has the 3 battery, for a little more.

3 Battery Model

That listing says with charger in the title and then says not included in the description. Just a heads up.

fyi - these do pop up every now and then on amazon as well, for about the same price :slight_smile:

Yeah, I noticed after my post last night amazon has the 3 battery one for $25.

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I purchased on of these:

Nice and bright, I think Old Lumens has a thread on the 3 led model, this one is actually the 4 led model…