Trustfire F20 = XM-L T5 mod

Oooops looks like the emitter is out of focus ..

Anyhow . mod was a simple emitter swap , keeping the orriginal driver [ So I can run AA ]

Ok lets see the performance figures :

Kodak Nimh = 200 on high

Eneloop = 210 on high , 90 on medium , amd 20 on low

Duracell = 220 on high 1.9A , 100 on medium 0.91A , and 23 on low 0.22A [ freshly charged ]


High = 130L - 1.8A

Medium = 55L - 0.78A

Low = 19L - 0.19A

14500 Performance

High = 0.97A - starts 230Lumen , sags to 210L after 30 seconds

Medium = 0.42A - 105Lumen

Low = 0.1A - 24Lumen

Now with a 14500 I thought it might be limited to 1A , but I think that was just the emitter ...

14500 @ 4.09v

High 720 @ 1.92A , Medium 320 @ 0.84A , Low 69 @ 0.19A

Wowsa !!!

Ok , looks like another pocket rocket , but this time one that can run AA .. I like the performance with AA and will run it AA , I think the 14500 performance is just insane , though on medium , its a blaster ! 300+ OTF on medium from a pocket EDC , holly cow !

Im sorely tempted to mod the Akoray AK-16 , though I did try moding it to XP-G R5 and it didnt like it .. Kept changing to low mode after 30 or so seconds on high ..

But wow , for the Trustfire F20 though , yikes ! The beam is very nice , though it has the XM-L rings ..

I like it , I still have two more XM-L emitters [ T6's ] one will be for building another P60 drop in [ for my L2P ] and the other ?

I was thinking of taking out the SSC P7 emitter in my Mag Mod , and making it XM-L T6 , but the gain may not be that much since if mem serves the SSC P7 did around 800 ... Hmmm , maybe the energizer double barrel ... I'll think of something ...

awesome mod! I just did this emitter swap to my mr.lite J4. I am ordering a few more xml's, and I think slowly but surely lots of my lights will be going to xm-l led's lol.

Nice mod, Matt :D What about overheating on high?

On AA heat is not an issue .. [ I plan on running AA - 14500 for showing off ]

On the 14500 , I expect heat will be an issue for any runs over 60Seconds ...

I dont think you would want to run High for any length of time what so ever [ 14500 ] , medium though , now on medium it would be sweet ..

Im seriusly thinking a XM-L T6 + 1A driver with 14500 or RCR123A , could come close to being a viable 400Lumen pocket light you could run on high for extended periods .

A 1.2A or 1.4A driver could be good as well [ 500Lumen + on 1.4A ? ] The XM-L offers possibilities only dreamed of last year ..

Im currently trying to think of a host to buy to build a XM-L EDC [ 16340 ] on 1A or 1.2A or 1.4A driver .

OMG! I am thinking into do the same with one of my F20´s..... Imprehesive

Did you used standard or IMR 14500 batts?


Great little pocket cannon! IMR batterry?

dont own a IMR except for a 18650

!4500 is a regular Trustfire Grey 14500 ...

Might try for some beams ... Larger View :

High Medium Low , on AA ....

The pictures dont show it but , its soo nice ..

Low mode is almost perfect for a walk around light , medium is very nice , and high , well its high , especially for a AA ...

I put in a 14500 , and took it outside , and Bling !!!

Medium is bright , low is low , and high is just so much power !

I took pictures but once again the camera just can show off high in my back yard , the light bouncing back really afects it bad [ yeah that much light ] ..

You guys really want a AA - 14500 XM-L , or a RCR123A + XM-L , so much output in a small package is just freaky ..

Medium 14500 [ around 300Lumen ]


Thats insane! Didnt some of the F20s have a problem handling 14500 batteries with the stock emitter? Do you think the 1.92 amps your drawing now on a 14500 is limited by the battery or the driver?

Hey Don, since UK is being overly prohibitive for carrying pocket knives did you perhaps wanted to have at least a pocket flame thrower? :D

Does anyone know how much lux is needed to burn a paper with a "flashlight"?

LC Torana @ CPF has a mag mod that can flame a Pizza Box [ yeah - set it alight ]

1.9A I would say Battery , the best RCR123A's can do 2A , so I would expect the 14500 to be about the same .

+ I really dont know about the driver , the 14500 seems to top out about the same as the AA around 1.9A [ so could be the driver ] ??

This particular driver never had problems with 14500 , though the light did come with another driver that apparently did have issues ..[ DX ]

This F20 originally came from lightake ..


I have never modded a light but would really like to try it out. Did you replace the bare emitter or put in a new emitter that was on a star? If so what size star does that take? I watched those videos on youtube about swapping emitters on a board using a stove and i KNOW id screw that up.

XM-L is on a 14mm base ...

Mine come from Cutter electronics ...


Oh yeah, I know I do. Thanks, old! :-)

I'm a little surprised there aren't more people trying to cash in on the XM-L hype. It seems like it should be fairly easy and lucrative to fill this niche by offering what amounts to a pocket rocket in a generic body. I know people in the firearm business who started out that way (mostly holster makers; and making holsters is similar to modding flashlights in that it looks easy but requires a fair amount of expertise and experience to do well) and eventually turned their side-business into a full-time job.

Nice mod there, Old4570. I wish I knew what driver comes in those...I could use a bunch.

Hi everyone...

Nice mod and thanks for the beam shots, old4570...also do you know why your Akoray AK16 didn't like the XG-P R5?