TrustFire new 4*14500 light. TR-A9

1.Using the latest cree XML-2 LED light,working current:2200mA,brightness can reach 800

lumens.led life up to more than 100,000 hours.

2.Intelligent digital circuit control,working voltage:16.8V,5 modes dimming circuit without memory

function,switch puts in the middle of the flashlight,convenient changing gear.






3.Vacuum plating smooth cup,high-reflective efficiency.high temperature resistance, anti-fall,

the effect is perfect.More accord with the public demand.

4.Highly diaphanous lens,tempered glass,edge grinding process,effectively improve the ability of

resistance to can use 4pcs 14500 900mah rechargeable batteries,continously using

more than 60minutes.

5.Appearance: using T6061 Aviation aluminum alloy; Military regulations III anodized CNC

machining processing(color:matte black),head with stainless steel protection ring to protect

the flashlight core components from being damaged,strong and beautiful, easy to carry, surface

polishing, achieve military requirements, overall appearance modelling novel,feel good,anti-skidding,

waterproof level of IP VIII level.

6.Switch puts in the middle of the flashlight,feel good,with the tail inverted function,inheriting

retro style,equipped with a exquisite holster.

7.Dimming conversion mode: high mode,mid mode,low mode, entering in strobe mode and sos

mode with pressed for one second,exiting strobe mode and sos mode with pressed for one

second again.

8.Specifications:120mm(length)*43mm(head diameter)*42mm(tail diameter)

9.Net weight:192.5 g(excluding batteries).

the set comes with 4*14500 900mAh protected battery and a charger,holster.

Price:57.5$, HK post with tracking.

Holy crap, a EA4 clone that takes 14500.

Too bad the EA4 can already do 800 lumens on Eneloops?

A clone thats more expensive and with lower lumens? I don’t predict a mad rush to buy this one. Oh wait it includes $10 worth of batteries and a charger… woo.

Well if the price comes down to around $25 I might buy one. I have a rook that I paid $26 for though so I don’t think I really need another one. But then again what flashaholic needs more lights?

Well thanks for the heads up, I’ll keep my eye on this one.

hopefully they didn’t clone the ballooning switch boot 0:)

Didn’t think I’d want another toilet paper roll shaped light after getting my EA4W, but yeah, if the price drops to half, why not?!


There was a nice point to the EA4 being on AA cells, having 4*14500 is pretty much pointless, a 18650 is close to that output, or a 2*18650 is close to that output, or a 1*26650 is close to that output.

Well at least it won’t have the crazily complex interface of the EA4. I wonder if it also runs on regular alkalines/NiMHs? But yes, way too expensive.

Why would anyone want to drive a flashlight with 4 14500 in series, when you have so many good flashlights on single 18650 or single 26650. The flashlight may only appeal because it's a copy of Nitecore concept.

I am a trustfire fan j12, j18 and x100 are awesome but this one what the…
Why do we need 16.8v 900mah flashlight I got Nitecore EA4 4.8v 2700mah same lumen output.
They are not going to get my money on this one.

This light should work on alkalines/NiMH, still put out 600+ lumens and cost half the price to be an alternative for the EA4. And I'm sure Trustfire could easily have made that, so why did they not do it???

So please tell them to redo their homework and release the real version, but keep the crappy chinese UI. And then please have an exclusive BLF edition made with the right UI .

I’m inept when it came to operating this light even after reading the how to guide, then it clicked literally and find its as easy to use as any 3 mode light. To turn on the light you either half click or full click. Simple really. The IOS 10 million mode driver though has not clicked though. Maybe the forward switch position helps. One day.

I like short fat lights.

But 14500?


Runtime is not going to be all that wonderful though at least it ought to be reasonably gentle on its cells.

I’d guess that, like the SRK - prices will drop far if not fast.

Price is down to $43.50 now. Still too high.
Should have been 4x14500 in parallel.

Still pretty sweet looking light.

Very interesting light. Four 14500s in series means the series circuit is already there, so I can switch to a DrJones driver and use four AA Eneloops for about 5+ amps to the XM-L2.

I'm in the process of getting one of these (less batteries and charger), for a lower price. If all goes well, I will have one to mod in a couple weeks time and I can review it at the same time too.

Old-lumens, can a nanjg105c handle 6V??? I thought that it can handle up to 4.5V… If it can that will be great…
Oh, you will be using eneloops, I had alkalines or primary Li in my mind…

I was thinking that if it can’t handle 6V then I will make a dummy cell and use 3 alkalines to have 4.5V as I don’t use eneloops or any other nimh… I prefer primaries for AA…

I will be waiting for your review and/or tear down to decide if I will buy one for a project I have in mind… And off course if dx lowers the price or if FT sell it at a reasonable price without that crappy 14500’S and charger…

I put a request in to fasttech yesterday to sell it as a host kit, and also make the light available without the cells or charger.
Got a pretty generic response this morning, but they brought the tf-r2 back from the dead, so they may have it in with trustfire