TrustFire New EDC MINI-03. stainless steel. 10440/AAA

+1 highcri or nichia 119/219

Currently only TF host is available.Tongue Out

Can it use both types, 10440 and AAA? What is output on each type?

scroll down this page for more info:

it looks like this light can host PLOTECTED 10440's. and it comes with one.

disadvantages: heavy, cant' tailstand, old emitter, heavy, no accessories. and it's heavy. oops did i mention this already? ;)

Interesting. More realistic than nichia Rey?

Like the idea of superlow mode. Could be a useful light with superlow + hi only. Kinda like the original Ti… Maybe 0.5 / 60 lumen (on NiMh).

Nice Trustfire Mini 03 flashlight…

hmm kevinlee, weren't there some site rules about commercial sellers not putting links to their shops in other people's threads????

EDIT: I see you removed the link...

I just ordered one from

This is not my first order at aurabuy. They’re fast shippers, and have served me well in my previous orders.
Looking forward to take a play with this beauty! :bigsmile: Review coming!

Does this start in a default mode or does it always go to next mode?

i would definitely be interested if it had a NICHIA 219 or good NW XP-G2, and no blinkies, and 4 modes, (Moonlight, Low, Med, High) and able to run off both AAA or 10440s, and stil below 15 bucks. :bigsmile:

@Horst Horstmann,

if using eneloop only, does the performance satisfying for a small light?
the lens is plastic or glass?
does the finish easily scratched?

thanks before for many questions :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks Horst Horstmann :slight_smile:
I kinda hope it will better than C3 Stainless steel (which is few $ cheaper and quite tough).

Does anyone have a flickering issue when turning this thing off? It causes mine to set another mode into memory and I’d like to fix this. Also does anyone know of a good high temp thread lube?

Mine flickers too. When I tighten the head all the way, it flashes and stays off. When I loosen the head and cycle through the modes, it’s at times very inconsistent. I think the spring at the end of the tailcap may be screwy, or just the driver board is flakey.

The head doesn’t sit tight on the body thread either.

I used a small pencil eraser at the end of a mechanical pencil to “clean” the contact on the head. I tend to do that with all my flashlights so that it makes for a cleaner contact. Didn’t help.

I mentioned this on another post, but the Preon P1 head fits on the Mini-03 body. it works, but also causes the head to cycle funky. Normally on a Preon P1 you can cycle it L-M-H twice, then F then S. But on the Mini-03 body it becomes very inconsistent with an additional strange flashing mode appearing H-M-L. New batteries didn’t make much difference. Swapping the head backs to the original bodies left them in a funky mode, but after some rest and cycling through the modes a few times, it went back to behaving normally on the Preon head. The Mini-03 is still semi-consistent.

All this doesn’t make any logical sense to me.

Personally, I wouldn’t recommend buying the Mini-03 as a budget EDC, but that’s just my opinion, after owning one. I think it looks nice, but the build quality is questionable. If you want something about that size and weight, using the Tank E09 head on a E10 body, mentioned on a BLF review is spot on. I think the Tank 007 E09 or E10 are better EDC lights in general. Maybe not as sexy looking. If you want sexy looking the Preon P1 is pretty good.