Trustfire or Ultrafire or Skyray 9 x xml light

As the title says. Which one to buy. I know that they are almost identical but any sugestion?

People pleas :_(

People pleas :_(

from what i can remember when i wanted a 9xml, the skyray 9xml had good reviews. then when the trustfire ak47 came along.
that one was better than the skyray in terms of heat management. the skyray was hot to hold after …i forgot now, but with the same amount of minutes on the ak47, it was just slightly warm.
no members had both lights to compare so i wasnt able to see which one was brighter, but if it was me, id go for the ak47.
BUT, the skyray is alot cheaper and had much more reviews than the ak47. i believe there was just like 2-3 members that bought it that commented.

never heard anything about the ultrafire so i wouldnt get that one.

i almost forgot about these lights, talking about it again , makes me want one again. i remember cnquality had them for only $67

Shoot, go ahead and get the 12 xml if you are going that big!

Thank you.

I think that 12 xml is tooooooooo big, I mean XXXL big .

You probably need to read the thread on the SkyRay brand. Richie086 got one and it’s junk. Maybe someone else will chime in, but I remember reading a post on the AK and I remember being impressed with the light. I may end up getting that one myself. Good luck and let us know which one you get.


I saw that AK47 is underdriven, around 0,8A per led?

This Trustfire AK47 is not listed in the Trustfire website:

Is it not an ‘original’ Trustfire product?

All the 9x T6 and the 12x T6 lights are the same size and bezel size. The problem with my Skyray 9x T6 was not the light, but the high power KD driver I installed, actually two different KD drivers, and those were both junk. I reinstalled the stock driver in my Skyray and it’s great once again. I did upgrade the wires that attach to the driver up to the LED’s and got a bit more power out of it. So I really happy with it now. Tail cap current is 4.90a on high mode.

But I like my Trustfire AK-47 much better. Aside from having to resolder a resistor on the driver, it’s brighter and has a better reflector layout. Initial tailcap current was 3.38a, but this jumped way up to 5.75a+ once the resistor was resoldered on correctly. The 9th LED in the center actually has a complete reflector rather than all partial ones, which adds to the brightness a bit. But the best part of the AK-47, it allows you to use it with only 2 batteries if you want, where the others all require 3 for the light to operate properly, including the Skyray. It may actually be the only one you can use with 2 or 3 cells.

As Tatasal pointed out, the AK-47 is not listed on Trustfires website, so likely it’s being produced by some other company that is using their name, but it’s only one company producing the AK-47.

I have the skyray and its awesome(now stock cables upgraded and 3A through LEDs with fresh batteries)
And yes it gets hot but it makes insanely amount of light and the run times are low with these currents so I never mind because everyone who buys such a beast knows that.

If I had to buy today I would buy the cheapest I can find, I was temped from the 55$ wallbuys version but one of this beasts is enough.

Hi Werner, yep the Skyray really is excellent. The wiring you upgraded, was it just the + and - from the driver, or did you upgrade the wiring for each LED?

Just the main wires like mentioned in the review thread. And the positive contact spring is now solid copper wire, this makes a dent in the first battery, but the press fit makes a huge difference(you recognize that when measuring tailcapcurrent with different pressures)
I would recommend to test the spring upgrade first, as i haven’t done measurements before or after.

I’ve been trying to avoid doing the spring mods. As you mentioned, it tends to greatly increase spring tension and dent the batteries. My first spring mod I did was on my Skyray 856 and it compressed the battery + on my new 4Seven batteries, they can no longer be used in series without adding magnets now…LOL.

Since then, I’ve been upgrading the wires from the driver and get similar good results.

hay richie, if i was to use only 2 batteries for the ak47, is it just as bright as 3 batteries?
so your ak47 is not modifed right? you simply just resoldered something that needed it correct?
is the ak47 way floodier, and brighter than a skyray king

Hi there Blue,

My AK is not modified and totally stock. But I did have to resolder a resitor that was falling off.

I only tested my AK in the house using 2x 26650’s and couldn’t tell the difference. But the lux meter showed a slight reduction in brightness. But on tail cap current, it still showed 5.75a, same as 3 x 26650. I’ll verify tonight how it compares to my SR King, but I couldn’t imagine the King being able to beat either of my 9x T6 lights.

What I can also do is take a beam shot of the AK in 3 cells and 2 cell configuration so you can see the difference. Bottom line is that only the AK-47 can run on 2 cells where all rest must use 3. Just that fact alone makes it a better light of this type.

What driver is in the ak47 and how are the LEDs connected 3s3p like in the other lights?

I haven’t opened the reflector yet on the AK, so I don’t know how they are wired. The driver is not the same as the Skyray 9x T6 light. I do have a photo of the driver for the AK-47 on my thread for it shown here.

thanks richie.
were you able to do the beam shots yet. i really wanna see how it pares off with the king.

Blue, I’ll get them tonight and post them here. I did test them last night, but didn’t take photos. I tested the AK-47 Vs. SR King and DRY Turbo. Although all great lights, they simply didn’t have the raw output one of these 9x T6 lights can produce.

But I’ll show the photographic proof tonight. Sorry for the delay.