TrustFire R5-A3 vs Romisen rc-29


First time on the forum, need some advice.

I’ll be getting my first 1xaa.

And i done some research, and narrowed the choices down to TrustFire R5-A3 and Romisen RC-29.

Which one of these is a better candidate? In terms of build quality, run time, brightness on high/low, and durability?


I believe the uniqufire g10 is also a pretty good light.

the sipik sk68 clones are also pretty great….

I’ll be using the light for some short trekking at night, might be exposed to rain. So i need it to be water resistant/proof.

Pretty much all LED torches nowdays have O-ring seals and can handle the rain no problems.
If you want water PROOF, that’s a different story…

I love my r5-a3. Works really well. Quality is splendid for the price and it is really bright!

I highly recommend on of these lights from Bryan . He does a great job on his lights.

I stay in singapore, it’ll cost a bomb to ship to me from that website.

I’m looking at getting it from dx or fasttech

I wont order from DX anymore they sent me too many lights that were DOA or stopped working soon . FT is not the best but I have received all of my lights from them as described.

Romisen RC-29 if you are only interested in those two. If this is going to be your only source of light than I might humbly suggest you spend some more money and get a better light.

I have this light and believe it to be one of the better built AA lights in the sub $25 range. It can also run on a 14500 (as a single mode light)

My choice between this 2 is Trustfire R5-A3.
Because better form IMO (easier to carry around), it is small, light, no strange bezel with sharp points and so - and very bright even on AA’s.

That one linked in a post above also looks very nice… but it is also almost double price then R5-A3… :frowning:

I have both and while the Romisen is a cute little light and well made, I’d take the Trustfire any day. Much brighter and a better all-around light. There are certainly more up to date options available, but I’m just trying to answer your question.

Thanks for the inputs everybody.

Soytnly, what would be better up to date options? Try to keep it less than $20 usd. 1xaa or multiple aa.

I’d buy 6 sk68’s for under $20 total and carry one in each pocket, throw 1 in the car.


Have to go with the Trustfire myself, liked the Rom but a three foot drop onto linoleum finished it.

I give the R5-A3 away as gifts every christmas, get them from Fast tech six at a time and they run a bit over 11usd.

Specifically, I was thinking of a few from and Illumination Supply…but you’re not US based, so I’d have to think about it. The Trustfire is a nice light, I wouldn’t argue that regardless of age…but I do like the suggestion of a bag full of SK68’s…pretty tough light to beat on the inexpensive end. Never had one fail me (knock wood!)

what about the TrustFire Z8?

Can you give a price range and maybe some more information?

Ok, i compiled a list of attributes it should have:

Less than $20 usd.

1xaa or mutiple aa.

Modes: High, low, strobe/sos.

Need a decent run time, i need to use it to do some trekking at night in jungle (on a dirt trail) for 3-4 hours sometimes.
I don’t mind changing the batteries halfway tho.

Has flood to throw.

Water resistant to rain, waterproof is a plus but not necessarily needed.

Decent durability, won’t die on me after dropping it a few times.

I bought a Tank007 TK566 from Fasttech just to try out and I like it a lot. It won’t last 3-4 hours on high but might be close on medium. And for a few dollars more you can get an extension to make it a 2 AA night with a significant increase in brightness (or use a single 14500 for the same level of brightness).

I also bought 3 TK566’s from Ebay for an average price of $8 each. They have a different emitter (with noticeable rings as oppose to the Fasttech one) but would be serviceable for your needs.

Here’s the link to an old review in case you’re interested Review: Tank007 TK-566

For night time trekking in the jungle I think you should carry multiple lights. When I was in the Amazon this summer I had 3 lights on me. A Convoy S3 as a primary light, a Zebra SC52 as a headlight, and a Tank007 E09 as a backup. It’s dark at night in the jungle (especially a rain forest) and having a backup is essential in my opinion. Even changing batteries (as you mentioned) is problematically when it’s dark.

If your budget is $20 USD you can get the Fasttech TK566 and a sk68 clone for that amount. Or 2 TK566’s from Ebay along with a sk68 clone.

Budget lights aren’t as reliable as better lights, but the odds of 2 of them failing in the same night are very low.

I changed out 3C’s in my DST when it was stock, in the middle of the pitch black woods… It’s also scary as hell. I almost crossthreaded the tailcap about 15 times trying to get it back on. :stuck_out_tongue: