TrustFire R5-A3 vs Romisen rc-29

I recently purchased a klarus p1a but since i have not received it i can’t comment on it yet

I gave away a romisen RC G2 from shiningbeam, great light but its custom modified for that store.

Tank007 TK566 from FT is a good light. I have it with the extension tube. 2 Enloops last a long time on medium.

I just ordered this light it has a newer generation emitter and can also run off 16340's and CR123's if you ever want to go that rout in the future.

Lol, after hours of rigorous online flashlight shopping, i finally bought nitecore mt21a for $25+ on wallbuy after discount.

Now i need to get a $5 flashlight as a backup.

I believe you made a good decision in going with the more 'name brand' lights. The XXXfire lights are copied so much it is no telling what you would get.

I don’t think I could have gone 10 yards in the dark. And dropping a battery/tail cap/flashlight would have been……exciting :slight_smile:

Better to just pull out a fully charge light from a pocket or holster and then change the battery.

Having a reliable light is way more important than brightness in my opinion. It’s surprising how little light one needs to see in total darkness. Flashlights are just like guns…they have to work when you really need it. The potential consequences could be bad for your health and well-being.

And there’s no faster reload or battery swap then having a backup at the ready :slight_smile: