Trustfire T6 (mini review)

Trustfire T6


Battery: 2 x 18650
Switch: Reverse clicky
Modes: 5
LED Type: XM-L
Lens: Glass
Tailstands: Yes
Price Payed: ~$26
From: Dinodirect
Date Ordered: 11/20

I couldn't find a lot of information on the aptly named Trustfire T6 and a search predictably resulted in way too many results to be really useful so I decided to order one and see for myself.

Please excuse the crappy cell phone pictures. If there's any interest, I'd be happy to take proper pictures this weekend. Here are some first impressions. The T6 next to a Trustfire X8.

The first thing you may have noticed are the straight heatsink fins that look almost like they were pulled straight off of a computer motherboard. Based on my very limited experience so far, I'd say they aren't just for show: this area does get noticeably warm after a just a few minutes on 'high', while the rest of the body stays relatively cool.

Speaking of modes, this is a five mode model. Mode order is high, mid, low, fast strobe and (broken) SOS. My sample has working memory, but it takes a while to actually kick in. I haven't tested it, but it's at least 60 seconds. Turn the light off and then on again any sooner, and it will come on in the next mode. Can't say I like that, to be honest.

The reverse clicky requires a firm press and to me just doesn't feel right. It works but I am no fan, even though there isn't anything wrong with it per se. Personally, I think it feels cheap and if this was a 50*b, I probably wouldn't even mention it but, well, it's not.

The T6 has a rather large and deep smooth reflector made of aluminum, but what I like about it is that it's not all throw. In fact, next to my X8, which is one of my favorite lights, the hotspot looks surprisingly huge (I know, I know, not really a fair comparison). I've only had the light for a few hours so I can't say too much on this point, but my initial impression is that it strikes a really good balance between flood and throw. The 50mm lens appears to be made of glass. There are mild crenelations on the bezel.

That's the good. Now the bad. The emitter doesn't just look crooked in the picture. It's actually way off center. I had a hard time taking a good picture with my cell phone camera, but that's definitely a let down for me and in this form, it should never have made it past QC. Shockingly, the beam is also pretty ringy. Well, yeah.

This torch takes (and requires) two 18650s and will accept protected TF batteries with no issue. It may not look like it, but it doesn't feel like a particularly big light. It also feels fairly light to me. I don't have a scale with me, but the analog kitchen scale I used earlier showed 350g with two protected TF 'flame' batteries installed.

The light will tailstand, albeit a bit wobbly. All threads came appropriately lubed with regular o-rings in all the usual places and double o-rings in the tailcap. And as for the threads, well, there are plenty of them. I am more of a form-follows-function kind of guy in general and threads are no exception for me. If threads are your thing, you'll probably enjoy this light as it takes a year and a half to fully screw everything down. :D

The "cigar grip" gizmo (ie. the rubber ring) is removable. My sample came with no accessories (ie. no lanyard, no nothing, except for a cardboard box) but you can attach a lanyard to the tailcap if you wish.

I noticed one ding on the tailcap, but other than that, there appear to be no flaws in the anodizing. What you see in the picture below is just a reflection. The finish is kind of glossy and I guess the knurling is meant to be purely decorative. Putting it up against the X8 may not be entirely fair since the former is one of my favorites, but truth be told, I don't think this is an unattractive design. But then again, I'm one of only five people in the world who think the ST-50 looks awesome. ;)

The heatsink.

And the driver. I am traveling at the moment. Therefore I haven't had a chance to remove the pill yet.

First impression: it puts out plenty of useful light. I'm not too crazy about the non-centered emitter, ringy beam and the switch. In terms of value, I'm actually positively surprised. It doesn't have the high-quality appearance of the more expensive budget lights and it sells (at the moment) for $36 before discounts ($31 with coupon code 'oneworldweshare'). Jury is still out...

Through Google, I found one thorough review by a German gentleman named Jörg. I hope he doesn't mind me quoting him here:

[quote] Were switched on at 40,000 lux measured at the first moment: This value, however, fell within seconds. The first sign of measurability without the value fell rapidly, stood at about 32,000 lux
after 5 minutes: 30 700 lux
after 10 minutes: 30,400 lux
after 20 minutes: 30 200 lux
after 30 minutes: 30,000 lux
after 40 minutes: 29,900 lux
after 50 minutes: 29 700 lux
after 60 minutes: 29,500 lux
after 70 minutes: 29 200 lux
After 75 minutes, began the lamp, starting from a value of 29,000 lux, rapidly become darker Two minutes later, 10,000 lux were displayed. The batteries were removed and measured at 2.9 or 3.0 volts open circuit voltage. [/quote]

He also has some nice pictures and beamshots.

And here are some pics I didn't have the time to post yesterday.

the $95.99 has 5 XML-T6 LED.. and it means more flood.....

Look, I don't mean to be rude, but you might as well stop now. If you want to contribute to the forum in some meaningful way, that's great and you're more than welcome to do so. There's really no point in spamming us though. You won't sell any more flashlights and you might ruin your company's reputation, which may not sound all that bad until you realize that BLF ranks highly on Google, ie. people who Google your company's name may very well see a BLF thread.

Quick update:

Tailcap readings, using two brand new (as in fresh of the charger, first cycle) unprotected TFs, because that's all I had.

High: 2.2A

Mid: 1.3A

Low: 0.24A

The light works with a TF-1200 tailcap and possibly others so I'll probably end up replacing the stock tailcap with one from my parts box.

I haven't had a chance to use the T6 much yet. IOW, the jury is still out. But for what it is and considering what I paid for it, I like it so far.