Trustfire T8 SST-80 Price is no longer a deal bumped up to $69.00

Price increased to $69.99 too good to last.

This is a Trustfire T8 aka X7 SST-80 (1300lumens) Actually SST-50 (950 lumens). 3-18650 model with 78mm bezel. I can’t say for 100% certain but I believe this has a 4200ma driver. It comes with the shoulder strap as well.

For $46.99 it seems like a good deal so I bought one. (probably mod it somewhere down the road) 26 sold and 26 left to go.

This is the same price as the SST-50 2-18650 with only 56mm bezel from Fast Tech.

Here is a bunch of beam shots that are just amazingly well done.

So I bought one too. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Im in for another one, thanks for the post! Its a great thrower and built to a much higher standard than the usual Trustfire flashlights. I measured 4.5A at the tail.:bigsmile: Here’s my review.

Looking at the beam shots in your link, it really is that dramatic in the throw comparisons.

You’re welcome and thanks for the review, I did read it before purchasing this one. I almost didn’t post this deal because I wasn’t sure about the goofy way they named it. But after looking around it seems they are the same light just named different, who knows why?

I have dealt with this seller, redlog, for years, and he is very reliable. I actually think that he is a Keygos rep, not sure, anyways — I did the total flashaholic thing and ordered another light… J)

Cool, thanks for the info on the seller. That makes me feel even better!

Will this light handle 3 70mm-long protecteds?

Great deal. Added to my collection.

This is a quote from FlashPilot. I hope this helps.

“All but the long Xtar 18700 protected cells would fit, although removing the plungers from the tail and driver and utilizing just the springs would probably accommodate the Xtar’s. As is with the Xtar’s, I was able to tighten the tail cap past the first o-ring seal – with roughly 1/8” gap remaining. It should still be enough to keep the flashlight water resistant in a downpour, as long as it isnt submerged. All other protected and non-protected cells fit and made good contact. Vigorously shaking the flashlight while turned on (with my shortest unprotected cells inserted) produced no intermittent contact or uncommanded mode chages.”

Just to let people know, they sent my tracking number already. Right at about 24 hours or so from ordering.

Nice deal in for 1 thanks

Dang! changed the price to 69.99,real dirtbag move on the sellers part.For $8 more,I can get the t-90 from wallbuys.

Dang that stinks but at least a few people got lucky. Thanks for letting me know about the price change. I will make an edit.

I think that it was probably listed wrong. If you notice it’s the same price as the one with the smaller head.

I got mine today. Damn, that is one beautiful torch. Came with an extra tail switch, O-rings, an extra lens, and a carrying strap with a camo battery bag, for 3 extra batteries. Damn, this may be the best deal I ever got, damn, I am so in-love with this torch. Popped in three random unprotected cells, and damn this thing is bright, damn. Ok, measured it at the tail cap at 2.5 amps, so it is a 30 watter. Did I say, damn this thing is a thrower.

Very cool Flomotion, I’m glad to hear that. I checked mine and it’s in San Fran. So if I am lucky I will get it on Saturday. You can bet I’ll be stalking the Mailman.

Did I say, damn they even sent some silicone grease.

No kidding? Well that is certainly worth four stars across the board if anything is. Kick @ss.

I'm glad you guys like your x7's,I may get one anyways because I don't have x7 or x6 yet.I was pretty bitter because I stared at that deal for 3 weeks,totally broke.

It showed up today in great shape and with the shoulder strap, bag, extra lens, o-rings, tail switch and grease. Amazing deal, now I’m just waiting for the night.

You won’t be disappointed, especially if you got in on the $46 deal. I have many lights, but I definitely have a love affair with this light… :love: Does this thing throw, or what, just crazy, stuff…even stock…