TrustFire TR-J12 5*CREE XML T6 from DX MF and KD

Well I have the TK-70, and the XTAR S1 apparently also arrived but i missed the delivery. Will be soon for the J12 too.... :)

My beamshots are really shitty quality, but perhaps 2100 will have some good photos soon? Anyway a friend of mine is a amature photographer so I'll try get either the camera or her to help me taking some real beamshots with camera and flashlight fixed on tripods and on measured distances etc.

I recieved my 3x 18650s today and I can confirm that they fit as they should, but they'll need some charging time before trying if theres any difference. Btw they fit my cheap 5$ 18650 charger from DX only 1/2 slots though, and they fit 2/2 slots on Ultrafire 188.

Those looks like 26650 King Kongs (not 18650). Please let me know if you ever can use them on TR-J12. Thanks. They should not work.

I couldn't resist it, I ordered one from DX in spite their unbelivable long delivery times :)

These are the ones I'm going to try

They are too short. You need longer (protected) ones.

I would avoid protected, can't you use spacer or longer springs?

Let's hope so.

Too short is easily fixed, too long isn't. :)

it has to work, no one reported that problem

Are you gessing that they are or are you sure? I haven't actually tried them yet, they're still charging. But why so negative :P? If three 18650 fits then three 26650 should, they even fit each others chargers...

Bah...just put some solder blobs on them.

Do not try neodymium disc type magnets. They might short out at the positive end, should you knock the light hard while it is switched on. It's not supposed to, coz the internal is anodized. But there might be negative contacts at the front and you know Murphy's law always kicks in. 3 x 26650 gives a lot of boom, these are not IMRs. Be careful when using them HB201 and jurdiciously monitor the voltages. Do not use for long periods or leave it unattended.

These are not imr's you mean those king kongs are weaker? Their capacity and resistance are ok...

I believe he is going by the manual, which is probably not properly translated. Theoretically, the voltages of 3 x 18650 will be the same as 3 x 26650.

Doh! Negative? Just facts. I know. J12 works with 3x26650 and 3x18650. You just have to find tricks for your King Kong 26650. :)

Huh. I have had this flashlight about one week.

Try and share some more information with us then. you post cryptic messages and make us try to decipher what you are going on about.

Too short lol.

Maybe just flat end?