TrustFire TR-J12 5*CREE XML T6 from DX MF and KD

So 2100 yours must be here now ?

I received few day ago, but my camera wasn’t here.
I will make a mini review later.
I ordered from KD first and DX.
For DX I ordered 12-31-2011 , but 01-09-2012 still in “Order Received”.
So I canceled from DX and WILL NOT ORDER ANYMORE!!!

DX is so slow that's why I ordered from manafont, but I'm in Australia so orders take around two weeks to get here from manafont over a month for DX I'm not realy a fan of KD either to be honest.

Service from DX KD MF
1st for me is MF but TR-J12 is too late in MF’s catalog.
From now
MF = Flashlights , DIY
KD = Flashlights (If cheaper than MF :wink: ) , DIY , driver

bro yep, got it 2 days ago it was delayed a bit, i have posted sone measurements in another thread

I've got mine very fast from KD, seemed to be the first to recieve it too?

KD seems very fast, good and helpful too bad their website lacks info...

I am waiting since two weeks and nothing happens. Last time ever I ordered something at DX

You need to be patient if order from DX & KD. Generally takes 30-35 days are normal!

When I ordered 18 month ago it took 10 days to New Zealand. The time in between it got worse and worse. One month is not acceptable. Last order ever at least for me.

Waiting waiting!

My Skyray 818 does 3A on two fully charged (4,19V) 18650 Hi-Max batteries. If this one does 3,3A on two 26650 it can't be much brighter. Or can it?

Here's a test that might answer your question, posted by ergotelis on cpf:

i have posted this here too :)

Oh....ergotelis has the SR 3800, not the SR 818. But it should be very similar IF the current draw is the same.

But the SR3800 is about 2.6A with freshly charged good cells that do not sag much (it may go up to near 3A with lousy cells even at 4.2V just freshly charged). However Matjazz is using Hi-Max, which are very good.

Actually I am measuring like 3.5-3.6A on TF Flames @ 4.2V. It is only the best of the best like Sanyo 2600 unprotected that i get 3.3x amps. (those buggers are crazy, even better than my Panasonic 2900/3100mAh).

Even with both 818 and J12 are at 3.3A, the J12 will still have a bit more output due to its 5 emitters nature (you can calculate that with the LED calculator).

Judging from ergolites measurements it's 50% brighter than Skyray 818 (818 is the same as 4800 v0 I used to own). 50% doesn't make much difference to the naked eye. I'll stick with my 818 till something 2x brighter comes out (perhaps TR-J12 with stronger driver)

Hmm....not sure where did you get the 818 figure (I'll do a search for ergo's post again later), actually your 818 could be brighter than usual somehow, as you did use Hi-Max cells at 4.19V in which the cells are pretty good in terms of internal resistance/current delivery for direct drive. I have included a long list of lights measurements in the first page of my TR-J12 post, and the SR3800 is 160 while the TR-J12 is 225. The Trustfire TR-3T6 and whichever variant that are 2.1A at the tail are doing about 130.

So 160 vs 225 is 1.4x more, 40%? But yeah I am actually very happy that you do recognise that you need a heck lot more output to make a real visible difference.

Edit : I found ergo's list. His Sky Ray 3T6 is the SR3800, i still remember his posts in CPF. That light does not have 3.0A at the tail, not with such good cells at 4.19V. Not sure what DMM are you using, but if your leads are thin and the DMM's internal resistance is high, it can artificially boost the readings i guess. (high resistance = higher current, lower resistance = lower current....circuitry tries to regulate to stay at the same power)

Hi, i am reading you, tested from trustfire 2400,sanyo 2600, redilast 2600-2900, panasonic 3100, none drew such high current. Man this is a really high current draw you are mentioning!

I got my TR-J12 5 x XM-L a few days ago, it was held up by Australia mail redirection because i moved house over the new year, as we all know now the king Kong's are a no go fitment wise out of the box.

I'm impressed with the build quality of the light it works well and is much brighter to my eyes playing out the back at night in the dark then the TR-3T6.

First impressions is its a nice looking light, looks much better then the TR host,s and its going to be a decent run time torch.

I have not been able to do to much testing except for current draw and a bit of running in the back yard.

2 x Trustfire flames 2400mAh 3.35 amps

2 x Trustfire flames 2400mAh 3.48 amps

3 x Trustfire flames 2400mAh 1.44 amps

2 x Panasonic NCR18650A 3100mAh 3.84 amps

2 x Solarforce 2600mAh 3.66 amps

2 x Redilast 2600mAh 3.74 amps

2 x Hi-max 2400mAh 3.41 amps.

All 18650 type batteries

What happens when the batteries are starting to discharge, when the batteries are 3.6-3.7V?

I am curious the current in this stage. Did anybody try this?

Change battery tube position

JM07 PRO Battery tube

I 've just try 1x18650 and 1x26650

Soshine 4.19V tailcap draw 3.25A

MNKE 26650 4.19V tailcap draw 3.35A

CGR18650CH 4.19V tailcap draw 3.87A