TrustFire TR-J12 5*CREE XML T6 from DX MF and KD

Nice pictures HB021.

Is the drop In a screw in ? It looks like you had it out.

Me too , but I can see them via proxy.

Yes I think it's a screw in but I coulndt get it out, didn't wanna pull too hard either because I wanted to get some beamshots before I destroy it hehe... ... I'm on the way to work now but I can try again tonight

Come on hurry up and give us some first impressions!! :D

I love how they just keep cranking up the lumen output numbers. 4500 on this one huh? At least that is theoretically possible (if they drove each LED at 4 amps instead of 1.5....), unlike the Sky 3800 which is just a flat out lie.

Even so, this 5x emitter won't be any brighter than the 3x ones, since they only drive it at 1.5 amps each.

You want to bet?

I don't

but I'm going to GUESS that a dry on direct drive w/ high quality cells has a slight advantage - for the few seconds you can run it that way.

but if this tr-j12 is heatsinked well it should be the light to beat w/ sustained use, right?

I should start saving my money now for the first short body 5 xml light!

i'm dying to see the pics that have been posted but have no idea why I can't...

nothing at all in firefox. ie8 shows me empty squares w/ little red X in the corner...

Who cares about tailcap readings? :D

Think from what i see the ceiling bounced lux figures from HB201, it really is about 2000L OTF, as we've originally guessed. The difference is in the delivery, it can do this for a pretty long time even if it is a threaded drop-in with few threads like the Uniquefire 3900, easily 10 minutes of this output before it gets begins to get pretty warm.

The youtube videos are on CPF, and it seems that the initial drop in output for the TR-J12 is very low due to a high mass drop-in like the TR-3T6. (that thing literally does not dive). As you can see with the Solarforce XM-L it just dives. There is probably something wrong with the XM-L, but you can get decent info from the Trustfire SST-50 as well (take it that it's literally an XM-L @ 2.5A as well)

Don't mind me HB201

Temperature & lux test:
00:00 - 29C - 286lux
05:00 - 42C - 267lux
07:00 - 44C - 264lux
10:00 - 46C - 263lux

5th minute, 6.6% drop, that is in-line with the figures from what i got from the Trustfire TR-3T6 and Uniquefire 3900. This is a performer!

The heatsinking seems to be very effective, also it scored higher lux than my 2.5A quad XM-L driving light with same batteries. I'm very impressed by that!

Luxmeter ceiling bounce back test:

1xXML(8,4v/1,5A) vs 5xXML(12,6v/2,1A):

Trustfire ST-50(8,4v/2,1A):

Remember, a Nitecore TM11 probably drops from turbo to high by the 7-8th minute in a country as hot as mine. LOL!

Another long run time multi Xm-l from trustfire like the TR-3T6, might not be thebrightest but for long run times and constant use on high it should be good.

Hehe thanks 2100 was just about to post numbers here, I'd recommend this light because of the good heatsinking. I've seen people saying they want to mod this light but I think if you increase it from 1,5A to 3A on LEDs they'll burn in runtimes over 5min, then you'll need an even bigger body... Correct me if I'm wrong. I did some beamshots in the city but they are not visible on iPhone camera. But I can light up a tall building from ~150m that's pretty damn bright for a handheld device with stable and long runtime at about 90% of initial power after 10min and didn't really continue to drop after that(on high mode). So this flashlight can actually be used for real purposes other than just a 30sec show off.

Just saw that you are from Sweden, HB012. Nice cold place! :D

Yes but as I showed you the light was not cold when starting it was 29C and room temp 25+C. But outside -4C no problem at all with heat, no drop at all in output.

But outside my broken modded fan cooled makita Bml185 outperforms the TJ12, but inside this light last longer on high, also water resistant so it's more useful everywhere :-)

Im awaiting comparison between the Fenix TK70 and this one now! But for ~140-160$ you can buy 2xTJ12 and fix them together and compete with TK70 hehe

Edit: btw the tailcap reading were 2,1A, 1,3A and 0,3A using 3x18650 trustfire 2400mAh(flames) all charged at 4,23V this should be about 27w pulled from driver.


I already have one on order (DX)

still curious about the tailcap measurements though..

Me to

I'm going to try with 3x26650s and see if I get any better results as soon as they arrive btw...

could anybody that can see them repost the beamshots?

Well I have the TK-70, and the XTAR S1 apparently also arrived but i missed the delivery. Will be soon for the J12 too.... :)

My beamshots are really shitty quality, but perhaps 2100 will have some good photos soon? Anyway a friend of mine is a amature photographer so I'll try get either the camera or her to help me taking some real beamshots with camera and flashlight fixed on tripods and on measured distances etc.

I recieved my 3x 18650s today and I can confirm that they fit as they should, but they'll need some charging time before trying if theres any difference. Btw they fit my cheap 5$ 18650 charger from DX only 1/2 slots though, and they fit 2/2 slots on Ultrafire 188.