Trustfire TR-J16

Hey all! Wondered about the TR-J16. I think it’s a rather nice looking flashlight, but there’s not a whole lot of info available.

TR-J16 at FT (non-aff, just for reference)

Does anyone have this flashlight currently? Can you tell me much about it or if it’s worth spending $55-58 on (in your opinion, of curse)?
The Johnny Mac review wasn’t really positive about it, and one of the comments on FT said that it was front-heavy. I didn’t see much discussion about it on here at all outside of that review.


I don’t think ~$60 is a good value for this light. For $10 less, you can get the J18 which is a 7-emitter light. These are typically under-driven but are capable of creating a long-running wall of light, due to the battery capacity and gentle driving of the emitters. I would guess that my J18 clone puts out about 3k lumens, in a very floody output.

The stock output of my J18 clone is comparable to my Convoy XP-L HI triple, but the J18 can maintain the output for longer without the severe heat issues. The J18-types are large and heavy for their output. Unfortunately, the SRK-type lights are too big of a gamble to recommend as an alternative.

You probably also run the risk of getting a light with counterfeit emitters…

Although I don’t have one of these, I would suggest the Supfire M6 from Mtn. @ $40 over the Trustfire if you are just looking for a multi-emitter light…

^ J18 was my first thought too, but I have not seen this 5 emitter light in action.

It sure is a good looking light. The SS bezel is a very nice upgrade (from the J18). Machining and finish look better too. The reflectors are deeper. So it should be more throwy than the J18 (I find the throw on the J18 quite respectable for a multi-emitter). Do you think it can hold 26650's. That would be a make or break for me if I were considering this light.

I've done a J12 before, which is a J18 with a 5-emitter reflector. Nice light. Those can be had for quite a bit less than $60.

IMO, avoid this one… and for so many reasons.

Link for JM’s review. “:Review: Trustfire TR-J16

DX specs show 18650-only as well:

Look at the pics on the DX site and they show it next to a pair of 18650s; it looks like this light is a bit smaller than expected. The reflectors may not be any deeper…

I saw JM’s review, just had wondered if it was a bad initial impression. I figured the head wasn’t all that big and JM said it was 18650. Not expecting J20 runtimes or thermal capability. Kind of a trophy wife flashlight - not all that useful, but sure looks good! :wink: But seriously, I have a Nitefighter F40C I bought from 18sixfifty. I like that one a lot and wanted to get another long-18650 light with slightly more output. I have a J20 coming for medieval war-club action! :smiley:

I have about $40 in gift certs from FT and wanted to get another flashlight. The J19’s next on my list, but wasn’t planning to get that until I’m closer to returning from Afghanistan.

I have an M6, bought it from RMM about 3 years or so ago, modded it myself. Probably need to re-mod it as I think all I did was a driver mod. That and smudged a non-critical spot on the reflector.

That reminds me - I need to order 32650s from RMM!

i sell this flashlite right now…i had it and i liked it very much.good looking flashlite with perfect bin of xml…one of the best lights i used for night travel in forest,in mines,etc…i reccomend it.very good heavy body,no problems with any of 18650….perfect output,size.i loved this one.absolutly no problem with this flashlite.but as some other say-try the supfire m6…this is different bin of xml-not so good for nature,but the size……i have it right now…i love it.this trustfire is not expensive,no bad reviews,enough light,good size,very good build…if i would choose again if cathegory more xmls for more 18650…i would do it…NO PROBLEM with this light…:slight_smile: