Trustfire X100 vs. 9T6 vs. TrustFire 12XT6

Which one is the most monster flood and has the longest duration on high mode? Also if anybody planning on upgrading their T6 to xm-l2 U2 or xml u3 leds?

Can’t say about other light, but my X100 is quite hot when on highest mode for 10 minutes.
I always lowered the output when I feel the temperate is too much. Don’t want to harm both LED and batteries.
It depends on your ambient temperature and wind condition.

I would think it would go in order of flood low to high X100, 9T6, 12XT6 and the reverse for runtime. 9T6 seems the best compromise as it would have more flood than the X100 whereas some people have had trouble with the 12XT6 going poof!

I thought there were gonna be beamshots here. Bummer!