TrustFire X6 SST-90 2300 lumens

Hi everybody!!! Where is the best place to order the TrustFire X6 SST-90 2300 lumens????

Because on a lot of peoples have negative comments on build quality or DOA ect ect.

I want a good place to order this one ,because for approximatly 140$US , i want this in peffect condition and best quality you know!!


i really like the looks of that light. i cant speak to the performance/quality but i wonder how it compares to others at that range. hope you get a good one

I got mine from BestOfferBuy. It came in perfect condition with box, extra lense, batteries, charger, and sling with pouches. The website says that the batteries are not included, but the factory box had three TF flames in it.

I like mine.

Hi fnsooner,

Can you provide the link? Seems they don't carry anymore! Thanks!

Here's one for CNQ

Don't know how they are to business with, but I can tell you they don't seem to answer emails at least not anytime soon. I sent them an email about a light that they have currently sold out and wanted to know the status on when they expect some in or if they do. I have yet to get a response.

Thanks fnsooner!

Are you sure that is what you want? 140 bucks is a lot for a Trustfire light!

If I were you, I would do some beamshot comparisons between it and other similar class lights.

Triple XM-Ls are pretty popular right now and give comparable light, though usually with less throw. They are also half the price or less!

Heck, for 200 bucks you can get a TK70 which is a great thrower, plus has 2100 lumen output. Plus you have a warranty and a very well built light.

Don't forget also to buy:

4x D-Cell NIMH 10.000 mAh LSD : +- $40

D-Cell charger (good one) : +- $42

+ shipping (really heavy pakkage)

OK, it's a nice light, but way more expensive than the X6