TrustFire X6 SST-90 5-Mode 2300 Lumens LED Flashlight (3x18650)

TrustFire X6 SST-90 5-Mode 2300 Lumens LED Flashlight (3x18650) at Lightake

This does look quite interesting, doesn't it? The manufacturer seems to have taken a very aggressive approach with heat sinking, although I wonder how well the pill makes thermal contact with the head. I'm sure we're all wondering how well driven it is. Id like to have seen a double barreled approach for the battery tube, housing 6 x 18650's 2p x 3s (2 tubes, each tube housing 3 x 18650, each group of 3 in serial, and the two tubes in parallel for a 12.6V light). With only 3 18650's and being well driven, I suspect less than 25min run time on high @7-9A. Also, the protection circuits on the flame trustfire we all use are limited and probably wont handle the current and deactivate the battery immediately or soon after turn-on... another reason for more 18650's to disperse the load.

Since I don’t have any confidence in this vendor after asking several questions and not getting a single answer, I’ll wait to see if DX can supply it to protect my investment while likely saving a few bucks.

Here's the link to request it from DX. For anyone interested, please fill it out. The more requests they get, the more likely they will supply it for us.

Wow. That is really something else. It's one thing to risk $20 on a budget light, but $166? No thanks. I thought at first that the 3 18650's were bundled underneath the heat fins, but I guess the light operates on 2 or 3 18650's all in a line? The balance has to be way off with all of those fins.

The pill itself is probably screwed into the throat which makes for great thermal transfer as long as the LED is making good contact (and it is probably screwed down to the pill).

I would think DX would jump at the chance to sell you one of these.

Think it's better to get it from

Only $128.08 shipping maybe $20.

I agree, its a pricey risk for a Trustfire light. Yes, the batteries are inline. I suspect that the balance point would be about where the battery tube meets the head so likely not an issue.

I filled out the request link I provided above for DX. Please do the same. It only takes a minute. If we can get them to carry it, I'm sure we will see some reviews shortly.

Thanks for the link. I wonder if they have the same great return policy as DX for US customers?

I noticed they spec a SST-50 for this light... not a surprise when their "Chinglish no so good"

It looks like it comes with a holster and carrying strap to sweeten the deal... I like it.

If you want an sst50 go for these Tank 007 at $63..74 and Loongsun at$65.62

So much for their (shenzhen) return policy... at least in writing.

I was looking at those SST-50's and they all appear to be the same. I was hoping the Tank version would be a unique.

Whats it like?

Click your links and look at the pics.

They are the same flashlight.

Yes, thats what I said. lol

At that kind of power, you basically need active cooling, especially for a flashlight.

As experiment, take a 30W bulb and and see if you can hold onto it after turning on.

ie. you need something with at least a thermally isolated handle, but preferable a small fan since you might still touch the light/fins part.

Ive noted that every one of my high powered LED lights gets very hot if left on indoors. When Im outdoors and moving around or walking with them, they stay much cooler from the air circulating past them. Weather or not this cheap SST-90 needs active cooling has yet to be seen. If I were to take a guess, this one will probably fry itself if left on for 20 minutes, but lets hope not. Im hoping to find some reviews in the near future.

That's what active cooling does, a little of it goes a long way, especially for smaller <10W lights. That includes our circulatory system. Those "hot" lights only get that hot if you don't hold them. If you can still hang onto them, they can't be since they're probably only 40degC or so max.

In any case, it's bad design for some everyday product to break just sitting there doing its thing.

DX has a great return policy for cheap lights (usually they just send you another one or issue a refund), but for more expensive stuff they will make you mail it to a Florida address. With a $150 light, the shipping to return it isn't that big of a chunk, at least.

DX pays up to 1/3 of the original item price of the product to ship it to Florida. I've done it and they pay as a store credit for future purchases. That beats the crap out of any other cheap light vendor I've seen so far. No wonder other vendors don't like to answer my "tough questions" about return policies and who pays shipping.

Usually unless I do a load of menial work, this takes several tries and weeks. I suppose I was stuborn enough to see it through a couple times for the few dollars I got back.

I suppose if it were for the princely sum of 10's of dollars it might be worth it, but that assumes you're spending like $100 on something from DX, which if their quality standards on lower priced and often simple merchandise is anywhere near indicative, seems a bit stupid.

What they probably need is like a Lexus brand of flashlights, instead of the Ultrafires of the world which we don't even know are real ultrafires except we assume nobody's dumb enough to copy a crappy brand. Though I guess they've been selling Yugo's before so I'm not even sure that would work.

I know you hate LT, but thus far they've actually shipped me lights of the original quality instead of usual "2nd batch" BS from DX. I don't know about you, and I'd rather they get it right most of time the first time than have to try returning lights that aren't broken but just suck because they were made poorly. Of course I could just be lucky, but I rarely am on flashlights.


On kind of a tangent, someone was pissed in the other LT thread because he got a light with a ding in it. Well, in the grand scheme of things, there are far greater transgressions in our little world like light designs I've gotten recently from KD, et al that would've never worked right from the start. I'll try to detail what it's like to get something back from KD. The actually replied to an email of mine (within the hour, a record surely) recently so I'm optimistic.

there is a video for this flashlight :

the length is 357mm, a little longer than Olight SR90

this is another video for Olight SR90 from lightake:

Thanks for the video. Can you get a tailcap reading with a digital multimeter and tell us how many amps it pulls? Also tell us the voltage of the batteries after the test.

Can you please compare the two lights that you mentioned outdoors (Trustfire X6 and Olight SR90) so we can see how the beam patterns are and which one is brighter? A quick video of this would be great.

This light seems VERY interesting, since i'm interested mainly in high power flashlights.

Although my recent experience with Trustfire ST-50 don't promise good. My readings was about 3000 lux in lightbox and current draw was only 1.8A at tailcap. Luckily i found a buyer for that light, won't miss it.

So i'm highly suspicius that this light is even close to 2000 lumens...