Trustfire X6 vs. Mouthy Teenagers

So the other evening I was sitting here talking to you fine people. Sipping some scotch & having a wonderful evening. Angela had put ‘Lady’ my coon dog outside. For some reason the dog starts barking furiously. Angela says I better go check. Well, I can hear the issue from the door…
We have a couple teenage boys who are at that age. Not bad kids, they just need a little push in the right direction. I hear one say…. That MFing dog, I’d like to kill that dog. Then I see a snowball zing by lady. Now I can tolerate many things in my life. DON”T MESS WITH MY DOG. I grabbed my X6 as I went out the door… I advanced quickly on them and asked… ’ Is there a problem?’ The first teenager start to speak… Mother…. ARGGHHHHH The X6 directly in his eyes seemed to break his concentration.
By the time he recovered I was in his face. I asked you if there was a problem? Uh UM No Sir, we just playing… I shined the light around and seen they had made a huge ‘snow penis’. While not in good taste it did strike me humorous. I smiled and referred to their artistic work… They giggled nervously.
Being that I could see I had shaken their macho bravado a bit… I let em off the hook with a Merry Christmas & try to behave blah blah blah… It was a bit fun to see the effect the X6 had to someone at close range. While the kid did get his eyes to focus he kept blinking trying to get rid of the spots…. LMAO

And Dale saves the day…. with the help of the X6. :bigsmile:

Nice dude, I can tell you a X6 or any other light of that king will get someone to shut up since they think you must be police with such bright lights. I've scared a few people by spot lighting them.

I wouldn’t be letting Lady out unsupervised any more.

Right on Dale!! No body messes with someone’s dog!!! Great job!! :wink:

On her leash, in our front yard. She sounds off if there is a problem… Not to mention the little FOO FOO dog of my wifes barks if she hears a car a mile away.

Cool story. And yep, lighting someone up will at least startle them. Could even stop an attack.

How much light is a stock X6 putting OTF?

I think around 1100-1600 lumens, but it’s underdriven at 5-6A.

I have de domed this one … So more realistically 870 lumens W/ 70k ish kcd

I hit him right dead in the eyes with it…. LOL He dodged like someone had punched him…

1,100 lumens of throw? Wow I may need to get one just for night walks. The thing could take somebody’s head off! It’s like carrying a rifle.

+1 It’s a really nice light. Not small. I know some people don’t care for the Fire brands… But it seems like a quality light to me…

Whenever I go for a walk at night I bring my X6, I run it on low to see but switch it up to medium if I'm crossing the street or getting suspicious. Then if I want to spotlight someone or light up something far away I switch it to high. Keep in mind, mine does something like 11 amps on high so it kicks down to low after a minute or so on high.

And of course, worst case scenario I have a nice heavy club.

I’m a pretty non-confrontational guy, but f’ with one of my dogs and I get real ugly.

kudos for keeping your cool.

+1, when a small pitbull was bothering my golden retriever I just shoved it out of the way with my foot. (It was off leash) The owner was annoyed but I just explained that if his dog did anything else it would have gotten punted.

As far as I am concerned anyone (or thing) that is messing with my dog is messing with me and will be dealt with accordingly.

+1 There’s the truth of it.

Dale, by now you know the old saying: Pics or it didn't happen....

Kudos to you for being cool about it with them. Any of us that claims we didn't do things like that as a teen has a very poor memory.

a few years back i had an 80lbs pit, and my room mate decided to get a 7 yo Pomeranian. that dog would yip yip yip… if my dog was eating it would yip until he moved away. fox would look at it like it was a crazy crack head with a shank or something. if someone came to the door, my dog would let out one bark and that dog wouldnt be seen for some time lol

glad the punks didnt hurt the dog, they really are like our kids

Yup nobody touch my dog. :wink:

(It’s Fox news though)