TrustFire X7 - Review & Mod thread - SST-50, MT-G2, XHP-35 HI = FANTASTIC RESULTS!

What was the price of the host?

Thanks FlashPilot, i did not expect to be that narrow, knowing that the head diameter is 80mm.
Anyway, I already ordered the lens, If i need to machine a custom bezel, so be it.

light junkie, I ordered the X7 directly from Trustfire store on, it was 50$ link
A very small price for a awesome light.

_ Borg that is a dang good price even at just stock!

It’s smaller than the Courui’s reflector then, I thought they are the same?

Courui’s reflector is about 70.5mm as measured in this thread.

@bibihang: Please read again… I never measured the reflector.

Thats a real steal for this light. Youre going to be very impressed with it. This thread indicates the reflector is 71mm. Have you checked out what 18sixfifty did to his X7 before he sold it? His monster aspheric mod threw more like a laser than a flashlight.

Also check out the beam shot comparisons here.

I tried to get Focalprice to match the ali price here in post 17 but of course focal is a worthless store and not good for much of anything.

If you get tired of playing with XM-L, drop an MT-G2 in it and have more lux than any production MT-G2 light available… super easy mod with only a 20mm copper disk behind the mcpcb. No other mods necessary!

This is an awesome light. I have the 5000K 80+ CRI MT-G2 in one light, I just ordered the 3000K 90+ CRI MT-G2 for another, and I’m not sure what I want to do with the third—maybe another MT-G2.

If anyone has any questions on measurements or wants specific pictures, ask away!

Im glad that you discovered how well this light caters to the MT-G2. Can you please post your tail amp measurement in high mode with 3 fully charged cells (if you are able)? Thanks.

FlashPilot, my apologies for not doing this earlier! I’m in exam mode right now, so all my flashlight stuff is packed away twitch :wink:

But I’ll tell you what, I’ll mark it in my calendar to run the test when my exams are over.

In the mean time, I can tell you that I ran similar tests to yours when I performed the upgrade. If I recall correctly, my tail cap currents were in line with yours. I can confirm in about two weeks.

Thanks Rollinstone. Since there are many variations of this driver in other lights or sold separately, Im curious if my stock driver performed within the normal range as shipped with this particular light. I certainly didnt expect such a high tailcap current with MT-G2… not that Im complaining. :bigsmile:


If you haven’t tried the 3000K 90 CRI MT-G2 yet, you really should—it’s awesome! The color is slightly whiter than a classic incandescent, the color rendition is noticeably better than the 5000K MT-G2. Seeing how well the 5000K 80 CRI MT-G2 renders color, that statement carries a lot of weight. It’s also easier on the eyes than the piercing white of the 5000K MT-G2. I certainly appreciate both quite a lot, but I have a soft spot in my heart for the lesser known of the MT-G2’s!

I think I’m going to gift my dad the one with the 3000K MT-G2 along with some NCR18650B’s and a NiteCore i4. Still need to pot the driver, upgrade the wiring, and adjust my copper emitter spacers (I used 2 discs, 1 would be better!) but I think he will like that light quite a lot.

Have you had any issues with protected cells? I have an obscene collection of laptop pulls right now so I’ve been using those with this light.

That is a very nice light to mod with MT-G2, great results , thanks.

Its interesting that you mentioned the 3K/90 MTG2. Ive been considering that one for a while, but I prefer a cooler white/higher K for higher contrast in most of my flashlights. 1A XML has been my preference in most builds. Ive compared the tint of my X7 - 5K/80 MTG2 directly to my XML 3C flashlights, and they seem about identical. I completely agree with your assessment that high CRI is definitely more friendly with the eyes. Especially when used in wide area flood lighting/casual/lazy/drink a beer/pinch your girls butt, type of settings. :bigsmile:

Ive been running a large rare 3K/97 CRI Bridgelux RS emitter at full rated output @100 watts/3.75A for 7140 lumens. How do I set up a Meanwell CV/CC driver for my Bridgelux array? Beyond the sheer even blanket of light, the mega-CRI is what makes me smile the most. Girlfriend seems to like it too… time for a pinch. Haha!

Its a great time to be alive for the LED lumen junkie. There’s so many great choices, and one for everyone.

I doubt you’ll see a bump by running larger wires or potting unless you resistor mod for higher amps. If your driver delivers the amps mine does, eeking more out of it will give you a light that overheats very quickly and with diminishing gains in lumens. IMO, mine delivers about 1 amp more to the emitter than Id consider optimum for 3 x 18650/heat/runtime in this host combo. My take: leave it as is and smile that you have a great one to play with. Speaking of which, can you please get a tail current in high mode when you have a chance? I guess I should also ask of you have a decent DMM… just a reminder. :wink:

I personal dont use protected cells to often. But then, I always test cell voltage a day after charging and match my cells by voltage before they go into a serial config light. I also test voltage again after the run. Maybe thats overkill for some, but for many its not. I dont think the X7 driver has a low voltage warning, so its probably not the best gift for someone that isnt going to be religious about testing voltage as just mentioned. I tend to sell very few serial lights because most people could get into trouble with them (even while using protected cells).

I just checked 2 versions of NCR18650B’s for you. Protected cells will fit but only allow you to screw down the tail cap 1/2 of the way. Unprotected button tops are a perfect fit.

Ive just got to say… that after reading all the MTG2 flashlight threads, I think this combo still blows away any other MTG2 light for the price. Its a simple mod that provides fantastic results. If you shop around, you could probably build one for around $60-70. If you can solder 2 wires and sand a copper disk, you can easily do this mod yourself. If you need help or advice, just ask! :bigsmile:

X7 mod with MT-G2 Beam shot. Note that the camera settings were manipulated to prevent overexposure. It was actually FAR brighter to the human eyes.

Thanks for this excellent review, have bought one from a well known auction site to play around with, some of the ones listed claim to be xm-l2 but looking at images they are still xm-l t6, im new to the forum but electrically capable and looking forward to playing around with it! Work calls for being able to occasionally patrol the perimeter of a factory building, or look into the midst of a wet misty machine, hoping this will achieve both. Thanks again, Corin

For the price, the X7 is probably one of the most overlooked great budget lights of its type. If yours doesn’t come equipped with an XM-L2, it will be very easy to swap one in (2 solder connections). I would recommend an XM-L2 emitter mounted on a copper board of direct thermal pad design. If you carry a light continuously in your hands for any amount of time, you’ll find the long slender tubes much more ergonomic to hold than the short fat tube designs stuffed full of cells (2,3 or 4 x 18650 in a short fat tube). Let us know how you like your X7 once you have some time to play with it.

Yes it was the price, the 2/3 cell option and the modifiabilty that attracted me, hence not going for the similar looking 2 cell ultrafire. Also the seemingly higher current driver is a good starting point I reckon :slight_smile: Some further Led research is required to better my understanding (last night I learnt about throw :smiley: ) then you.can expect to see me popping up on group buys or FS threads hahaha. Cheers again.

Hi all, not sure if this question is off-topic but where can I get the cheapest Trustfire X7 nowadays?

Thanks in advance.

Check ebay &