Trustfire X7

Do you ever heard Trustfire X7?

Now it have been releast yesterday ,

some detail information about Trustfire X7:

TrustFire X7 SST-50 5-Mode 1300-Lumen Memory LED Flashlight with Batteries Set (3*18650)

Brand: TrustFire

Model: X7

Casing Color: Black

Emitter Brand/Type: SST

Emitter BIN: SST-50

Color Temperature: -

Color BIN: White

Total Emitters: 1

Battery Configurations: 3 x 18650 rechargeable battery (included)

Voltage Input: 8.4~12V, 12V Max.

Switch Type: Clicky / Clickie

Switch Location: Tail-cap

Modes: 5 Mode

Memory: Circuitry Features Mode Memory

Mode Arrangement: High > Mid > Low > Fast Strobe > SOS

Circuitry: Digital Regulated 4200mA Current Output

Brightness: 1300 lumens maximum brightness (manufacturer rated)

Runtime: 1.5 hour (manufacturer rated)

Lens: Coated Glass Lens

Reflector: Aluminum Smooth/OP Reflector

Carrying Strap: Carrying Strap with Batteries Bag Included

High: Operating current 4200mA , brightness 1300LM

Mid Mode: Operating current 2800mA, brightness 800LM

Low Mode: Operating current 1100mA, brightness 300LM

Flash Mode: Operating Current 3000mA, brightness 1000LM

SOS Mode: Operating Current 4200mA, brightness 1300LM

For More detail information ,please visit my shop :

Hi Daniel,

I don't mind you posting the offers of your shop, but could you do your advertisement in the according sub-sections?

Commercial Sellers' Spot would be a good start, or ask Mr. Admin where to place your advertisement. Or one big Daniel's-Ali-Express-Shop thread, like you did for lightake back in the days.

Personally, I don't like the "have you heard about ....", "do you like..." -style of advertisement with a shop link at the very end of the post, it is cheesy to me.

Just say "my shop now offers this light .... " at the start and ask for opinions at the end. It does make a more trustworthy impression.


OK , i will follow your advice ,and won't happened again next time , Thanks very much for your advice!

I vote Vectrex for BLF's first ever moderator. :bigsmile:

I second the motion.......

BLF need one ? guess not

Keep in mind this is coming from a person who posted a praising comment in the "I heart DM51" thread on CPF.

Fishinfool I believe you're joking, but don't think everybody will realize you are. Look how well that 'citizen moderation' thing worked out on CPF (which I commented about in an interchange specifically with you). The comment brings back bad memory, and is not funny b/c some will think it's actually a good idea. This board has exactly what it needs: minimal moderation. Note the mod didn't even move the thread (which even I would've done), he just agreed with the comment of the 2nd poster. That is some serious self-control and I'm sure that wasn't easy. I would agree with the post being moved, but you have to admire that kind of restraint. Kind of like a responsible parent who knows they have to let their child make mistakes.

This forum has minimal rules (as it should be). It's hard to believe an advertiser couldn't take the time to read them or figure out how to follow them. Then again, I'll take his word for it that it won't happen again. I'm seeing more stealth advertising pop up here with advertisers who are seeming to be interested in flashlights, when to me it seems to shine through that they're only interested in people buying their flashlights.

I'm sure anyone would've thought or said what Vetrex did, he just mentioned it first. I don't mind ad threads if they're useful and productive (such as this, telling us of a brand new model). And I'm sure all of us find it refreshing to be able to actually post links to products, and paste descriptions of products (gasp!) without fear. I just don't like the ambush technique. One thing worse than ambush advertising though, is over-moderation.

The rest of what you said, while worthwhile, is not nearly as important as this sentence. Moderation ought to be invisible. If it is visible, there is a problem.

I strongly believe that people will get it right if they get the choice.

And I spent today (And every working day) with people who variously have schizophrenia, dementia, bipolar disorder, alcohol, heroin, cocaine, diazepam,temazepam, and alcohol addiction and assorted other mental disorders.

Moderation ought to be about keeping it within the law. The rest is about being on a power trip.

We choose where we spend our time.

Our choices.

Our consequences.

Choose right!

Members who have been here for a while know I was just joking. I'm never serious about anything. I just really, genuinely love hanging out here. I spend 99% of my time at home taking care of my father who has Parkinson's so that's why I am online A LOT. The longtime BLF members are like my online friends and family. I love you guys!!!

(oops...burp--sorry too much beer )

BLF will never need a moderator the way things are running here. There's always going to be a long time member or 2 who will point out mistakes and or problems to those who cross those lines and that's one of the things I love about BLF. We respect and care about BLF so much that we police this wonderful forum ourselves and we take care of our own. And when things get really out of hand---that's when we bring out the big guns--Mr. Admin.

So please, for future reference, don't take anything I say seriously.

When your sleeping if you've been bad ....the tint police wil change all your lights to a dim ugly purple .. and all your xmls will put out 48 lumens .

<- that is just silly

Naw. Green. Definitely green or if you've been especially bad, cyan.

48 lumens!

That many?