TrustFire X9 - Thoughts and beamshots

There's also this thread, which has been going for a while:

I won't be able to test mine until tomorrow. I literally don't have any 18650 cells at the moment because I loaned them out and the new cells I have on order haven't arrived! Manafont decided to take its sweet time for this order!!!

But I'm also gonna get some XTAR batteries with the charger. It's been bugging me having this light for the past week and not being able to test it. Although I did throw a couple CR123's in it for giggles but they're old cells.

thanks for the review its a very nice light... waiting for mine...

are sure about forward clickie (half push to turn on)?

You guys make the light sound so good. Now all the ebay sellers are raising their prices. I can not get anyone to sell less than $37. Well I guess I have to wait.

37 isn't really too bad of a price, but yeah it's surprising they stopped the auctions all of a sudden. IMO it's still worth it if you don't care for 2 cell lights and need some throw, because other than the xtar r01, there aren't any regulated xm-l's in that price range anyway and this is the best of the rest. IOW, worth the little extra over the KD C8.


Yes, the X9 has a forward clickie/clicky. Half press to turn on, full press to leave on. Also, half press repeatedly to change modes or click on and off quickly to change modes. Can you let me know how many amps yours draws when it arrives? Thanks.

Good to know you think the X9's worth it at $37.00 over the $25.00 C8, cuz I know of at least one member that paid that. And since I now know that the X9 is brighter, you just saved me $25.00. :) When I asked this question a couple weeks ago, I seriously considered the C8 mainly cuz of all the reviews. But when the bidding started on the X9's, I couldn't pass it up. I originally saw this light listed for $50+.

Btw, it's over at DX now in a set w/ one cell and charger for $44.40. And interestingly, they claim it to draw only 1.5A! So maybe my X9...she's a-ok?!

Mine is 1.9A max and drops quickly. That's the one weak point of the light, but does save the emitter from burning out like full bore DD ones. The beam is quite good (tight spot, good centering), which mitigates it somewhat. In general it's a more sophisticated product than the C8's.

1.9A max?!

XM-Ls are pretty hardy, no worries. I mistreated them, gave them a nice knock and came back on. 3X already. Sealed

Do you know a good replacement driver for the X9? Something closer to 3A perhaps? 3 modes would be nice.

But as is, I'm getting very little runtime on Hi. If I had a 3A board, wouldn't I have even less?


How much run time are you getting then?



Yes, the X9 has a forward clickie/clicky. Half press to turn on, full press to leave on. Also, half press repeatedly to change modes or click on and off quickly to change modes. Can you let me know how many amps yours draws when it arrives? Thanks.


wow nice to hear it, actually i have won several of them for a very good price... one of them was 26 bucksEmbarassed including crapy batteries and charger ...

There appears to be ebay retailer co-ordination/co-operation/a cartel like I've never seem before on the ebay price of the X9. All the top/safest flashlight ebay retailers have exactly the same Buy It Now price with free shipping; that's Cyberport888, redlog, cwtco, go_market, etc. I have never ever seen this before, not one cent (or penny) difference. Interesting.

I ordered one last week from ebay. I must have missed the bit about <2a at the tail. Hope mine does better

I have a chance to use my X9 in a situation last night, We got a flat tire on our way home from a family gathering in a very dark road. Glad I brought with me my edc(Zebralight SC50) and X9. I let the guys use my SC50 while I use the X9. All I could say is I'm happy with the performance of the X9, even though it throws far it still have a balance between flood and throw as the beam is big(compared to other throwers) due to the XM-L led and have useful spill.

Does your X9 have the same PWM on lower modes as reported for others here? I would really like to have a solid light with these characteristics:

  • Multi-mode
  • 1x18650
  • XML (for spill)
  • Reasonabl throw
  • Non-PWM

As it would normally be used in lower modes, PWM would be distracting and annoying.

Yes mine also have PWM but I only noticed this when read it in BLF, plus the fact I only have it for a few days. I can only hear it when I put the head near my ear so I have no problem with the pwm. still happy getting the x9.

Sound isn't an issue; It's the visible flashing at lower frequencies... Point it at a ceiling fan or shine it around outside at night when there are bugs flying around to see the strobe effect.

Be careful it isn't just the same company with several ID's. That's quite common on ebay. For example, Eforcity, Inc controls the top four ID's: accstation, everydaysource, itrimming and eforcity. I assumed most or all of those sellers are controlled by the same company, but I could be wrong (I meant to remove that).

Eforcity started out with two guys selling stuff from home (but they started buying wholesale) and now operates with over $100 million in revenue annually.

Sorry, My mistake.

I actually don't see the strobe effect when shining around the house even outside. Only visible when pointed at a ceiling fan.

I think Langcjl got the last good deal on x9 package. Less than $34 with batteries and charger. That was the last I saw it. Hope Langcjl get it soon and update us. I almost bid on it.