Trustfire X9 vs Fenix TK35 (quick video)

enjoy !

I get something else when I click on that link. Some desktop/youtube thing.

Why oh why do people take throwers and video them at 10 feet??????????????

Where's that dam headsmash smilie when you need it.

My bad...fixed.

Because i can...and live in the city and not much open land to show off.:) Where are you're vid's fish?

I honestly can tell much difference if any between them.

Nice video by the way. I would like to see another one at say 100yds.

Thanks ILIKEFLASHLIGHTS , I don't have a decent cam, i use my phone for all my vid's. I dont think filming at 100 yards will be very good using my phone. Doing this vid i was trying to achieve the difference in hotspot size and tint color. I know filming 20-30 ft is not showing what these bad boys are capable of doing. bad bro!! Didn't know it was yours!

Very nice video man. To me the X9's spot looks a little tighter....would you agree? :) :) :)

No worries man. Thanks yeah I agree the hotspot is tighter on the x9.

I think when someone takes the time to post either pictures or video rather than cut the material down, say like hey thanks, but could we see it maybe at a farther distance? I appreciate the time he took to do this for he didn't have too. So let's remember that.

And to me it looks like the X9 is equivalent to the TK35 in brightness and I would also bet it will out throw the TK35 as well since it seems to have a tighter beam.

Thanks ILF for the support.

I agree, but only if the poster is also the producer. Had I known it was his, I would have approached it just like you suggested. His initial post had a title of "trustfire x9 vs fenix tk35 (quick video)" and JUST a link as shown in my quote above. It just looked like a random vid. Why would he care what I say about it if it wasn't his own vid? :)

Anyway, I've already "spoke" with him about it and it's all good. lol. That pic of "hmmph" is friggin hilarious!

I'm editing my keygos Ke5 vs X9 video as we speak. I did them at 40yds and 70yrds. You can come and thrash it if you wish. ;) I did use a cheezy 640 cam.

We are all good. I'll check yours out. I enjoy reading all you guys posts. Thanks for your contributions.