Trying to verify Maukka's sphere was accurately calibrated...

I have edited this and was going to get it deleted.

I went back to Maukka’s thread showing the test cert for his calibration light he used to calibrate his sphere, BUT who knows whether that calibration light was accurate being from China. Not to say something from China is an issue, but it’s an interesting thought when most of us with homemade setups are using a maukka tested light.

Can we really say that a manufacturer is wrong in their specs, when we don’t have a professional setup with a verifiable calibration light in hand?. Imagine if we’re all wrong… I know DB Custom was unsure about the accuracy when he first used a Maukka light since it was a much lower number. If we see 2000 lumens for a 2000 lumen model, this don’t mean our setup is accurate. I know some brands rate their lights lower, perhaps to account for any lower bins used in future batches.

And what have you found out? Does he have proper calibration for his sphere?

I went back to Maukka’s thread and found his image of the calibration cert. Still remains whether that Chinese calibration light was accurate though lol. I’ll never know and doubt anyone here can help verify that

You could send your Maukka lights (or something else) to a professional lab to get a full measurement on your lights.

You raise some good points there Funtastic!!

That is a great idea. Now to find a lab in New Zealand. I’d happily pay to know if it’s accurate.