TS10 Hold to stay on moon?

Just curious if anyone knows if the TS10 supports the config to have it stay on moon with hold from off. Managed to do that with my SP10. Was told that the Andruil build on my TS21 was either too old or the light didn’t support it. Just got my TS10 so I would assume it has a newer build than my TS21 which was from the first batch of Andruil 2 lights. However, when I try to configure it to stay on moon it does not seem to take. I so rarely go into config menus that perhaps I am making a mistake? I really like the feature and would like to enable it if possible. Not a deal breaker in any case. The light is fantastic!

Not sure exactly what you’re asking? you want to always start in moon?
Hold from off should start in moon

There is an option to have it stay in moon and not continue to advance up the brightness level on hold from off. Hold from off does start in moon but if you don’t release soon enough it will ramp up. Was able to configure my SP10 to stay on moon but have not been able to make it work with my other Andruil 2 lights.

Yes, it works. The option is available in the ramp extras config menu (10H from on), item 3.

Thank you Sammy. I was mis-counting the options. I thought option 4 was option 3. Once I figured that out I was able to set it! Very happy with this light now!!!