【TS10V2 Al available】Wurkkos "slender waist" TS10v2 aluminum version available with black,green,orange

TS10V2 aluminum

:fire::fire::fire:2023/11/9 new batch Wurkkos TS10 TI available now. There are more discounts and exquisite gifts waiting for you to choose.:fire::fire::fire:
new batch TS10 TI available order now:
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MY:Wurkkos Titanium Limited Edition TS10 Powerful Mini 14500 EDC Flashlight with 3 * 90 CRI LEDs and Auto Colorful Aux 1400LM Pocket Torch Anduril 2.0 | Lazada
SG:Wurkkos Titanium Limited Edition TS10 Powerful Mini 14500 EDC Flashlight with 3 * 90 CRI LEDs and Auto Colorful Aux 1400LM Pocket Torch Anduril 2.0 | Lazada Singapore
PH:Wurkkos Titanium Limited Edition TS10 Powerful Mini 14500 EDC Flashlight with 3 * 90 CRI LEDs and Auto Colorful Aux 1400LM Pocket Torch Anduril 2.0 | Lazada PH
TH:Wurkkos ไททาเนียมรุ่นลิมิเต็ดอิดิชั่น TS10ไฟฉาย EDC 14500ขนาดเล็กที่มีประสิทธิภาพไฟ LED 3*90 CRI และออโต้สีสัน Aux 1400LM ไฟฉายกระเป๋า Anduril 2.0 | Lazada.co.th?
VN:Wurkkos phiên bản giới hạn Titan TS10 mạnh mẽ Mini 14500 EDC đèn pin với 3*90 CRI LED và tự động đầy màu sắc AUX 1400lm Móc Treo Đèn Pin anduril 2.0 | Lazada.vn



Brass version on sale now at price $25.99
【Brass】Wurkkos TS10 Powerful Mini 14500 EDC Flashlight with 3* 90 CRI LEDs and Single Color Aux ,Anduril 2.0

Hi guys, here is a news, TS10 aluminum version, green, red, silver body colo will be discontinued after the stock sold out, except for black, thanks to all the supporters of TS10。 :hugs: :heart:

Hi Guys, TS10 copper new batch available now with 3000K/4000K tint and single color aux for choice now:

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TS10 Brass version on sales too, with 3000K/4000K for choice and green Aux LEDs

2023.3.11 get the first copper prototype today, what aux color you will like in this copper version?


Green body with green aux available now, 15% code on page valid



Brass version on sale now at $27.99 ,MAO version sold out and will non-production. Silver color available again on sale now


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TS10 black color available on Amazon EU and Amazon US now

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This is first time try Micro arc oxidation, ignore the protection of the coating during the second machining process, some flashlights have some minor flaws,

so selling MAO at a lower price, I think we may not want to try it again, it really takes time, workers have to wear white gloves during the assembly process, which is inconvenient for screwing and installation.

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Micro arc white and Brass version will available next month, white color earlier ,beginning of Sep, which tint prefer use in this version and what aux color better suit for?

Micro arc white color make me a little crazy, try this first time , I found that white is not good for protection, it is easy to get dirty and scratched, do other brands have the same problem?picture shows the host of white color


2022/8/3 brass sample photos update


Aliexpress platform official presale of the second batch : Link to TS10 with red body color and 4000k update

The presale on aliexpress will arrange shipping in 30th,July,thank you very much for your patience.


Thank you for all support , the first batch sold out already, packages will all send out before this weekend.
so what body color and aux color you expect for next batch?


"slender waist" Wurkkos TS10 14500 Light first batch will release on 5th,June, PST 6PM (which is our working time 6th,June 9 AM-Beijing time)

First batch with single color aux led orange/red/ice blue for choice at price $19.99, if you are a member of wurkkos.com,

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about 550-600 pieces this time,It looks a bit oily in the picture, it's actually matte



Thanks for all the attention to this product TS10 (renamed from WK10), we finally chose option 3--

a portable design which has aux LEDs and work with 14500 battery, anduril 2.0, Electronic tail switch

The first batch will available release this month, we are stepping up the urging,

single color aux led has orange, red, ice blue for choice, and more colors will be added in the future as well as the body color.

This topic will go head if there is a group buy or a deal of this model


Hi Guys,Here we share with you our upcoming new models. At present, we have some different ideas for the product . What are your thoughts and suggestions on this?

Okay this is the case," WK10 Triple mini light" is a 14500 light, many people hope to be compatible with AA, but if it is to be compatible with AA, the structure needs to be changed, the length will be longer(as long as the SP10 in last picture), and the existing design and structure will not work, but we are currently satisfied with the existing design. very compact and appearance looks not bad,shorter than 16340 model as the picture show:

First prototypes:


4 Thanks


AWESOME! will KIV. Will wanna keep the length short, 14500 ensure higher output also

I whole heartedly cast my vote for:

3. Keep this existing compact design use anduril 2.0 and aux lights but only work with 14500

Looking forward to owning a WK10!!!

I vote option 2. If the only sacrifice is a small increase in length, AA compatibility makes a ton of sense to me.

A charging port is not necessary, but I for one love integrated charging, even if it only works for the 14500. If you could use some of the added length to add a USB-C port and charging circuit as well, I’d love it. If you would have to increase the length further, then to me it’s not worth it at that point. The light would become too large.

I would rather see Anduril 2 and Aux LED instead of a simple UI.

I would buy this as it is now and hope to see AA compatibility in a future version.

I do not believe onboard charging is necessary.

Thanks for accepting opinions!

I would vote for #2 with NiMH compatibility.
I don’t think a charging port is necessary - especially if the light can be shorter without it.
An AA light that runs Anduril, with aux LEDs and is compatible with NiMH would be unique in the market.

Is it feasible to sell both 14500 only and 14500/AA versions?

AA support is very important to me. Option 2.

If you manage to get a charging port and that supports both chemistries and keep the size relatively small than go right ahead. This would be a unique feature that’s great for gift lights.

Can the clip become deep carry?

Option 3 would put the WK10 in a class with only one true competitor…the FWAA. However, with the SP10 Pro sorta-kinda released and the complete redesign along with the extended length necessary to add AA support, the WK10 would be placed in direct competition with the SP10 Pro.

Please don’t mistake what I’m saying…I’m still a buyer of either version. However, Option 3 puts the WK10 in my pocket every/every other day, alternating with my FWAA. Option 2 puts the WK10 in my backpack, along with my SP10 V3, where it will get occasional use.

3. I also vote to keep the existing compact design, use Anduril 2 and aux lights, but only work with 14500. Small triples like this make great pocket rockets … but not with AA. I don’t see internal charging being necessary.

Some additional suggestions:

  • The shiny anodizing of your prototype looks ok, but matte anodizing tends to look higher quality.
  • 2-way clips are the “in” thing right now…. but they SUCK for actual use. The backbend gets caught on things when you try to deploy the light, the lack of lip makes it hard to use one-handed, and the entire clip sticks out too much. It is much more useful to have a one-way, low-profile, deep-carry clip.

This looks so much like the FW3A and FWAA lights that “we” designed here and Lumintop made. Is it the same design using a center tube to carry the tail switch signal to the driver or did you come up with something better?

I would love a 14500 with aux lights. Sign me up for Option 3.

I would like to see a better clip, though (captive! held by a ring between tail cap and body…it’s the best), and a finish/surface with a little grip. The way Hank does his KR4 bodies is quite nice but some sort of reeding or knurling would be better than a smooth matte surface.

Many people would probably like the same version in a single emitter, too, for a little more distance than what small triples with optics usually give.

I would vote no usb charging - to keep it simple and easier to repair or modify, reduce costs, and not add any length or bulk to the flashlight.

I vote #2 because I love AA compatible lights. #3 is next choice. No charging needed.

I like the compact design, it’s really small. If that means no AA compatibility, then so be it. There are other options for that in the Sofirn lineup (e.g. SP10) and this small size makes it stand out. Also vote against onboard charging.

Anduril 2 is nice (ramping) to have. But would it require a different microcontroller or is the one in the prototype already suitable for it? Aux LEDs is nice, but a bonus imho.

Is it possible to have a basic version and pro version at the same time? In any case, a pricetag of 16 USD for the basic version is hard to beat. That’s a guaranteed buy for me (with or without Anduril). Ideal as gifts as well.

Long story short, option 3.

Is some texturing possible? It looks indeed very slippery (as Boaz points out in the next post)

If it is a combination drive, it will affect the performance of the 14500

Option 5!

I don’t see any purpose of the thinner middle of the tube.

The triple head requires a certain diameter anyway, so this light could be much better with a tube for 18500 cells, which would double the capacity of a 14500 and/or allow more current (whatever you prefer).


3 … and I agree it needs a CAPTIVE, one-way, deep carry clip.

The value Wurkkos places on customer input is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reaching out.

Vote: #3. Keep this existing compact design use anduril 2.0 and aux lights but only work with 14500

I don’t want to sacrifice anything in the name of an AA that I have phased out of my flashlights.

This is what I was afraid of. I knew the SP10 Pro’s output was effected by the multi-chemistry Andúril driver and thought it could (and hoped it wouldn’t) be the case for the WK10 as well. I said if the additional of length is the only sacrifice to add AA compatibility, then I see no reason not to. But this type of light should be designed for maximum performance, and I am not willing to sacrifice performance for AA compatibility. For that reason, I change my vote to #3.

Also, a deep carry clip is a must. Single-direction is preferable but deep carry is almost a deal breaker for me. A light this small should be able to be carried fully within the pocket.

Already very floody. Needs full 14500 output to be useful past ten feet. I vote #3