【TS10V2 Al available】Wurkkos "slender waist" TS10v2 aluminum version available with black,green,orange

I modded a TS10 into a single and it’s a pretty neat light. I definitely think Wurkkos should make an official version.

I don’t know what it would take to make a regulated driver but there’s not much room in the existing drive cavity. If they need to redesign the head for a larger driver they should also make the bezel deeper for a single TIR - not muchroom there either, as it is.

On a AA(NiMH) driver you would have a system voltage rail at around 2.8-3.3V for powering the micro controller, either from the main LED boost or from a dedicated system boost depending on the driver topology used. So the aux LEDs are wired from the MCU as they normally would in a classic li-ion driver.
For example the SP10 pro has a 3.3V system boost converter for the MCU, there is nothing preventing adding aux LEDs to the SP10 pro.

mm,At present, the program we are using cannot add auxiliary LEDs based on SP10PRO program. The engineer said that the program needs to be modified

Gchart enabled aux LED LVP on AA voltage on revision 627 : ~gabe/flashlight-firmware/anduril2 : changes

if you are using a previous revision, then it wont work, I’m not sure if this modification has been added or not to the main branch @ToyKeeper

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The program will always need to be modified when the hardware changes. That’s normal. The development process is:

  1. Design the hardware circuit.
  2. Modify the program to match the hardware.
  3. Begin production.

Since we are discussing a new circuit, we are at step 1 right now. Step 2 happens later.

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I hope Wurkkos gives us a Regulated Driver in a future TS10.

As an example, the D2 Linear Driver has really nice flat output regulation over time as the battery voltage drops:

the D2 Linear Driver also has almost no Flicker

the TS10 uses fast PWM atm. It has a shorter runtime and the output declines as the battery drains…

thread that explains linear drivers as in D2 vs direct driver as in TS10

it says:

Direct Drive: the efficiency may be lower than a linear driver.

Linear This is the perfect driver for flashlights using single LED and single lithium battery

I dont know what driver type is best for a TS10

Im very grateful to all the people that continue to help me understand flashlights better
including thefreeman, sammysHP, ToyKeeper, dmenezes, worlfgirl42, and several others.

Im also very grateful to Wurkkos for taking part actively in these discussions.

The TS10 keeps getting better :wink:

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Just a note because I’ve seen you mentioned this a few times, but a regulated LED driver means that is has constant current output, it will stay the same regardless of the LED Vf and the input voltage, yet the LED can still be dimmed with PWM with a regulated driver.
So what you are talking about specifically here is analog dimming vs PWM dimming, with analog dimming we decrease the current to dim the LED, with PWM we turn it ON and OFF.

Edit : I read your post a bit too fast,you understood the constant output part already. But the Opple flicker readings only illustrate the analog vs PWM dimming part, not the regulated/unregulated part.

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The 4000k titanium is already sold out :cry:
Any chance of it being in stock again before brand day promotions end?

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Thank ypu for helping me understand driver variables better. Very helpful :beer:

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Oh damn, I wanted to order one, but didn’t have the time. Crap…

Last I looked (a couple of hours ago) they still have the 4K on Amazon US. price after discount is real close…
But it IS Amazon US.

Unfortunately that’s only for you US folks (cries in eu).

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Missed TS10 Ti 4000K because been waiting for custom engraving ones :expressionless:

At least now Wurkkos knows how much interest there is for real RGB and titanium. I hope they’ll offer a similar price again.

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Thank you :wink:

Wow, I think I have managed to buy TS10 Ti with custom engraving wit 4000K LEDs :hugs:
Happy end :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Lucky you, here i was, refreshing as if my ts10 depended on it. Pictures when you get it?

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Not to brag, but…

Repeat after me: YEEEEEEEEEEEEHA!!!
:partying_face: :tada: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Seriously, AM I GLAD about winning the refresh lottery :slight_smile: Best of luck for everyone, hope all of you can get it eventually (now or when Wurkkos restocks).

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Yes! Was released exactly 15:00 PST and I had ordered it a minute later.

Now the question is: Does Wurkkos need a text or image? Which limitations?

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Congrats Sam!

Now the question is: Does Wurkkos need a text or image? Which limitations?

I kinda asked the same thing a few days ago, but no response from Wurkkos yet: 【Wurkkos Brand Day GAW】Brand Day with all deals and new release TS10 Ti on 23th-27th,Sep(PST) - #26 by dmenezes

Come ON, @Wurkkos! Don’t leave us hanging! :wink: