【TS10V2 Al available】Wurkkos "slender waist" TS10v2 aluminum version available with black,green,orange

Decision has already been made.

thank you for all ,In order to advance the project faster, we will probabile choosing option 3 and completing the prototype (with single aux )assembly this week

I look forward to seeing it! It’s impossible to satisfy everyone, but I think this will make a lot of people happy and deliver a small, relatively inexpensive, feature rich, high performance flashlight.

Any rough idea of when the WK10 is planned to be released?

Looking forward to this.

single color aux leds, tried 7 colors, which better?

I like the gold, ice blue and orange equally.

RGB are more common colours, think that is why the others stand out to me.

BTW, I like the form of the light but wonder if there is a deep carry clip going to be available?

Those look great. I think I’d go for the orange but the cyan is nice, too…actually if there were a medium blue between the cyan and blue in the photo, I’d get that.

The ring on the green light…is that tape or a silicone band? Looks neat.

one should be purple, but in photo looks like a blue
that is a tape on the green light

Those look great! Purple, please!!

I need some tape like that. :slight_smile:

Make a poll that appears in the side bar. I’m not sure how but BlueSwordM seems to know how.

Haven’t tried it, will see how to post

6 colors, ops, My math was taught by a history teacher ,lol Facepalm

Someone stole my FWAA so this is just what I need for a change.
I still want a RGB aux please

not have enough space for RGB LEDs, have a planning for a larger model such as 21700 version

AA support is very important to me. Option 2. If it doesn’t have AA support, then it should have a usb-c charging port.

Thats funny, I’ve never heard that one!

I like the yellow and cyan the best.

I’m glad to see these coming together.

What type of main LEDS are you planning on using? Did I miss that info anywhere?

Cyan is my preferred aux colour if there can be only one.