【TS10V2 Al available】Wurkkos "slender waist" TS10v2 aluminum version available with black,green,orange

Is the body going to be available in colors other than black and if so what colors? And will the aux be dimmable? Those will help us decide, thank you!

Cyan colour looks great…

I think it is pointless to enter the market with a FWAA copycat flashlight.

It needs to be better than FWAA, or cheaper. Pick one - better or cheaper. Then make sure to achieve it.

Is the button better? Is the driver better?

It’s not Lumintop, that’s enough justification imho. I own flashlights of both brands and definitely have a preference (non technical/design reasons). But I do hope this one gets a decent driver, that would be an big improvement.

My vote is PURPLE!

2nd is yellow….

3rd orange…

auxlight needs to have minimum drain; so the most efficient is the one that should be used.

I'll take a purple and an ice blue and a red!

keep it short
use a side switch or short tail switch like FW3A
do use anduril 2, or at least have it as an option
no magnets
no charging
under $40

Indeed. Under $40 for sure. Under $30 would be wonderful…

Option 3 IMO. I would definitely pay a little more to have anduril and good CRI/temperature. I also don’t really think it needs an integrated charger but I will say please make sure it has a good button. I have an FW1A that is totally useless because the button is so bad. It worked for about 3 days and then completely stopped working unless I press the button really hard and even then its only like 50/50 on if it registers a press.

The first post suggested $15.99 might be achievable for price. That sounds like a challenging price to achieve, but if it is anywhere close to that price, it will be significantly cheaper than the FWAA.

I did not see the driver architecture mentioned. The FWAA driver has 1x7135 chip + a FET channel, which seems reasonable for the size of the light. If there was any question about including the 7135 channel or keeping the cost lower, I would say the 7135 channel should be a very modest cost that is well worth the regulation and slightly better efficiency it enables at lower levels, compared to a light that runs only on a FET channel.


Agreed. It should definitely have at least one 7135 (or comparable).

Version #2 would be awesome

That clip kills this light for me.

yes, the clip makes it look cheap. but very excited for a budget aux light, can’t wait.

oh, what i hope is $20 :person_facepalming:

Make it 25 with a great clip :wink:

I do like a good clip. I’m usually grabbing an Olight M2R, S2R2, or M1T PLUS clip and throwing it on a light that I prefer more. With this WK10 I figured I’d just find a clip I like more if I didn’t like him. I don’t even much thought anymore.

But I mean, yeah… If we can get better clips right out the gate that would be awesome. Especially when the 21700 version comes out. That would be a bit larger and a solid deep carry clip would be a brilliant thing to start thinking about now.

With rare exceptions, I hate clips entirely and just take ’em off lights immediately, but that’s just me.