【TS10V2 Co release soon】Wurkkos "slender waist" TS10v2 copper available next week with 3000k&4000K

Yes I think Copper would be very nice, especially with the design of this small light.

Even though copper is too heavy for practical carry, a Copper Light can serve other purposes, it can be a beautiful and useful desk ornament, a convenient nightstand light, and many other uses that do not involve pocket carry…

I think Titanium would sell even more than copper. I vote for Both! :wink:

I am certainly in for titanium.

I am a sucker for copper lights but copper/ aluminum would make sense for a pocket light.

What emitters will be used? I would pay extra for 519s from a negative DUV tint bin. Ugly tint is my one big complaint about my TS21.

Very nice! can’t wait to get one, and hoping for 519A or easy-modding.

Is it compatible with flat top batteries? or button-top only?

cooper head plus bare aluminium body? I seem to have seen a similar style somewhere, it sounds not bad

My main suggestion would be to try and go for a more premium feeling matte coating, like a Lumintop or an apple product (macbook, etc). I think most of us would find it more “premium” feeling and it would make your products look and feel higher end. The shiny finish is used by a lot of cheap lights and doesn’t always look as good.

See this image from a review of the FW3A as an example.

And on a Convoy

Yes, In addition to the prototype, other production we changed to matte oxidation, I’m also looking forward to the oxidative effect it will eventually show

Lets not get too far ahead of ourselves - lets wait to see if the initial aluminium version of the flashlight is fundamentally good before discussing a bunch of different variants.

I am not aware of any lights that use bare aluminum with copper heads.

What you are probably thinking of are lights with polished titanium bodies and bezels and copper heads. Those are much more common. Examples of lights that are or were available in that configuration include:

  • Lumintop FW3 Ti-Cu
  • Lumintop FWAA
  • Emisar D4
  • Emisar D4v2
  • Noctigon KR4
  • Fireflies E07

The only light that I am aware of that comes stock with an exposed copper head plus an aluminum bezel and body tube are a number of lights made by Manker such as the E14 and E14II. However, those lights use black anodized aluminum instead of bare aluminum.

Overall, I’m not in favor of polished bare aluminum. It looks shiny and nice when new. But it is so soft it scratches up almost instantly and then looks really cheap. Titanium with copper looks much classier and premium due to the extra durability of the titanium.

Personally, for a light like this I would prefer all titanium over a titanium/copper combo due to weight. A light this small shouldn’t need the improved thermal properties copper has compared to titanium.

This reviewer is a nice guy

The copper version should also have RGB AUX LEDs :person_with_crown:

Copper and aluminum is the best!

Matte makes much more sense on this shape of a light that tends to be super slippery.

Did you add a cigar grip ring to the reviewed light?

my focus would be on making very subtle,classy ano colors instead of the usual red green blue that everyone makes and make the extra effort to put seriously good binned hi cri emitters in them and people will beat a path to your door .

Prometheus Deltas come in aluminum bodies with copper heads. The one in the middle.

I agree. I’m sold if it’s high CRI with a old tint. RGB aux lights are all nice but I don’t have to have it. If this light is the usual 6000k then why bother.

SM453 519a

Where were all of you in the preproduction stage, support the 1st design and maybe they will make more

It looks like the same optic as the FWAA and the 519A doesn’t fit in it.

Nice photo

fwiw, the Delta is Not Raw Aluminium, it is Nickel plated… (poor mans Titanium)…

I vote NO mixed metals… All copper, yes, All Titanium yes, bare aluminium Hey NO!