【TS10V2 Ti available】Wurkkos "slender waist" TS10 titanium version will available on 23th,Sep

3 … and I agree it needs a CAPTIVE, one-way, deep carry clip.

The value Wurkkos places on customer input is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reaching out.

Vote: #3. Keep this existing compact design use anduril 2.0 and aux lights but only work with 14500

I don’t want to sacrifice anything in the name of an AA that I have phased out of my flashlights.

This is what I was afraid of. I knew the SP10 Pro’s output was effected by the multi-chemistry Andúril driver and thought it could (and hoped it wouldn’t) be the case for the WK10 as well. I said if the additional of length is the only sacrifice to add AA compatibility, then I see no reason not to. But this type of light should be designed for maximum performance, and I am not willing to sacrifice performance for AA compatibility. For that reason, I change my vote to #3.

Also, a deep carry clip is a must. Single-direction is preferable but deep carry is almost a deal breaker for me. A light this small should be able to be carried fully within the pocket.

Already very floody. Needs full 14500 output to be useful past ten feet. I vote #3

I vote option 3, with RGB aux LED’s, and no charging needed. Keep it as compact as possible because that is the point of using a small cell like a 14500.

Please use a better clip too like TIFisher said: captured (screw-on like Zebraligiht, or ring-style like Noctigon KR4) and deep carry that goes all the way flush with the tailcap.

I don’t care if it’s bidirectional or unidirectional, but make sure it has a wide enough opening at the front to slip over pocket material.

The clip in the prototype appears to be the same as SC21, and that clip is far too stiff, does not have an opening at the front, and is nowhere near deep carry.

I like the tapered in body tube, like Noctigon KR1/KR4. It allows a comfortable place to hold the light when using a cigar grip.

Thank you for taking community feedback on this design! That is rare and we appreciate it a lot! You guys are making awesome lights and we appreciate your hard work.

#1. No to the version with no AA compatible, and no built in charging, and No Anduril.

#2. Yes to AA Compatible. No onboard charging if AA compatible.

#3. Yes Anduril UI

#4. Yes onboard charging if 14500 only. No Single color Aux lights.

If there are Aux lights, they should be user selectable color.

No press fit clip, yes fully captive ring clip.
No dual function S clip.
Yes body can be flipped so captive single direction clip allows use on a hat.

This is an excellent clip design, that can be flipped:
note the clip only rests on the body… the clip does not need to be removed when changing to hat mode, just flip the whole body, leaving the clip installed.

14500 with aux LEDs and anduril 2. Really tough to beat anduril 2. I almost don't wanna buy any lights without it. Charging port is not a must nor is AA compatibility. Compact size, Anduril 2 UI, and aux LEDs would have me buying a couple.

With it being a triple please keep it 14500.
If this was a single reflector, I’d say make it dual compatibility with USB, but please remember however you make it there will always be complaints and haters


For a triple 14500 is best for performance.
USB-C would be nice, especially with an EDC that sees lots of use, thus could benefit from quick charges away from home. But the charge port shouldn’t add much to the size.
AUX: Multi-color preferrable as it allows determining battery voltage with a glance.

The shortness of the WK10 prototype is very promising! But personally not a big fan of the KR4-like curvature… would prefer the tube (and tailcap) to be as slim as possible. That would also help with making the flashlight lighter. Minimal size and weight are big factors with an EDC, at least to me.

The ring clip design by jon_slider above would be nice.

Any thoughts on the emitters? Will it be the usual LH351D? Or SST-20?
Nichia 519A seems to be all the rage right now and I don’t think a triple with those would be a bad seller… :wink:

My personal preferences (listed from highest to lowest order of importance to me):

Small (short and slim) as possible (does not need on-board charging)

Single LED with ~4000 CCT Hi-CRI LED using TIR (to have more throw than FWAA)

Very Low Brightness in Moonlight Mode (with usable brightness ramping)

Compatible with AA-sized NiMH Battery (even if it does not support Li-ion Battery)

Anduril-2 User Interface (most current version with accessible flashing pads)

Side-Switch (more reliable than double-tube designs with tail switch)

Lighted Side-Switch (with low current drain and controlled by Anduril-2)

Captive Single-Clip (preferably on a reversible body as "jon_slider" post showed above)

No built-in non-removable Magnets (I just find these more annoying than useful)

No Aux Lights (Sorry, I don't understand the fascination with these)

Knowing this, option 3 is my preference.

USB charging would be very useful for an EDC light, less battery swapping.

Thanks for reaching out to the community.

First off I want to say thanks to you guys for listening to community feedback. I know I was quite vocal in the other thread about it and I do value the extra time and effort it takes.

My ranking for options would be:
#3: Considering that you have said the 14500 performance of the light will be affected with 14500, I do not think the extra compatibility would be worth it in that case.

#2: This would still be a good option if you were making multiple versions of it.

#1: I think having a higher priced light running Anduril 2.0 would be much preferrable to a simpler UI. Anduril 2.0 is very customisable and is the best flashlight UI on the market IMO. I’m sure most people here would pay more for a light that is equipped with Anduril 2.0

#4: I do not think built in charging is worth it in a light of this size (and it would increase cost and complexity to do it well).

Some other general thoughts:
Driver: I don’t know how possible it is at this stage, but a driver with a regulated, flat output would be fantastic and would really elevate this light into a must have. From my experience owning an FWAA, an efficient driver is preferable in a light of this size. The FWAA is inefficient with its FET+1 7315 driver and it has poor battery life at any level above the regulated 350mAh.

Clip: I think that a very important consideration for lights of this size. So many manufacturers get this wrong and it can really compromise with how well the light is carried day to day. The clip that is present on the prototype seems like the same clip present on the SP10V3 and SC21. It isn’t a very good design and I think a lot of people would pay more for a one way – deep carry clip. Ill post an image of one modified by reddit user grzybek337.

Finish: The finish of the light looks great; would it be possible to have colourful anodising like the recent releases of the HD15?

AUX Lights: This is a minor point, but would an RGB LED be possible to source? I find them extremely useful on my Anduril 2.0 lights as they can be used to quickly see battery voltage at a glance. I know I am asking a lot, but I do think that having the ability to change them would help to elevate the WK10 above its competitors.

Finally, I want to say thank you again for listening to community feedback. It is rare to be able to speak to manufacturers like this and I think it’s a fantastic thing!

I would love to see these features as well.

Yes, please let this be a practical light, not some hotrod that’s bright for a moment and then drops like a rock in brightness.

I third this. A nice, well regulated, efficient driver would really set this apart from the Lumintop FWAA it’s directly competing against. Even if Turbo output is reduced, having sustainable brightness due to an efficient driver would be a huge selling point. Perhaps this could be accomplished with a 3S MCPCB and a 9V Boost driver.

Deep carry clip, deep carry clip, deep carry clip. Please include a proper deep carry clip! The one on the current prototype is not deep carry. It needs to extent to the very bottom of the light.

There's lots of talk about the pocket clip and it's construction, functionality, and quality. I, personally do not use a pocket clip on any of my edc lights currently. BUT, with one this small, a quality, reversible clip is uneatable when clipped onto the bill of a hat. I LOVED my 4sevens knight for that reason. A small light clipped to a hat beats a huge headband all day!

Voting #3 (14500) with Anduril 2 and as long as we can wish…. a stainless steel body.

Agree.. or at least raw aluminum.

Maybe a dumb question, but why a triple for a 14500 light?

Usually, you’d use a triple to cut the current an individual LED carries down to a third so it runs more efficiently. I’m not sure it’d make much of a difference with currents that 14500s can provide. 14500s are pretty anæmic, both in current and capacity, vs even a middle-quality 18650.

Also, the aperture in front is even smaller than that of an 18650 light, so the optics will be smaller overall, and the individual TIR lenses will also be smaller. Maybe a single LED with wider-angle TIR lens would provide a better beam?

Anyway, hope I don’t get dogpiled on, but I’m just asking. :clown_face: