【TS10V2 Ti available】Wurkkos "slender waist" TS10 titanium version will available on 23th,Sep

Sorry trying to catch up on 30 pages here, but hard to find information on these CSP2323 emitters.

Sounds like they are high CRI. Are they known more for flood than throw?

How is efficiency compared to SST20 or LH351d?

Could someone please measure the parasitic drain of TS10 Aux on blinking mode?

just wondering how many days to drain a battery if using blinking Aux…

fwiw, I do have the LVP patch installed, but it still makes me wonder how long a battery will last, even with LVP.

for example, battery life on Bright Aux is less than 5 days, even with LVP… that is not a useful mode.

I don’t think you can measure it with a multimeter like with the low or high mode. When you measure it, the current changes with each blink, there would not be a stable current to read at all. I am not sure how we can measure it accurately.

It is not useful as an always-on aux for a flashlight on a shelf, no.

However it can be useful for reading a map while preserving night vision (in the case of the red aux). Or creating some ambiance in a dark room.

There will never be unanimous agreement about how bright an aux light should be, due to differing use cases. I think a low that is very low and a high that is quite high… this is a reasonable compromise.

If they made the High aux significantly less bright, so that it can last many months of battery… then essentially you would have two low modes, instead of high and low.

Extrapolating parasitic drain is often off by a lot. In my opinion, there is no substitution to measuring long-term drain since the drain level will typically be lower as the battery voltage drops.

For example, I did a long-term drain test for the TS10 and found the ice blue aux to reduce the standard Wurkkos battery from 4.18V to 2.90V in exactly 7 days. The drain is still too high to be practical but it’s a sizeable difference from 4.5 days.

I’m doing long-term drain tests on all my lights with electronic switches (1 month and 2 month tests).

I’m of the opinion that high aux should last at least 1 month. The TS10 drains from 4.2 down to 3.9 in just one day which is a crazy amount. The D4 levels are perfect for me.

Ok thanks. Probably lasts twice as long as bright aux. no biggie. I will only use low aux

Your Blue aux seems to last a couple days longer than red.

I disagree, with two measurements at 4.2V and 2.8V like I’ve done you get a good enough estimation of how long it’ll last.

Here I took some measurements with a different light. As you can see, the average power consumption of blinking shouldn’t be much more than constant low.

discount gone on this now?

Coupon code does not work!
Sorry it works & order placed!

I know I’m late to the party, but I just ordered a black 5800k, ice blue auxs (the only version in stock). I’m not waiting any longer to get my hands on one. I am looking forward to it, but by the same token, I share the same reservations as a lot of other members, i.e. better driver, better pocket clip, better/more led choices, better anodizing, etc., but I’m going for it anyway. For $20.00, what the hell, why not? I’ll probably buy additional led/body finishes as they become available.

Wurrkos, I’ll reiterate what many others have said here. Give us a better driver, please. A lot of us, including me, are really over the “FET fad”. It really does make little sense in a light like this. I own numerous Wurrkos lights and will continue to support you, but that’s my $0.02.

Actually, it’s our fault. Wurrkos came here before they produced the light asking us what driver we wanted. While there was feedback on all sides, FET driver got the most support. So that’s what Wurrkos gave us.

It was only after it came out that many decided a boost driver would have been better.

Can I use flat top battery?

Yes, you’re right. I didn’t even consider that. Maybe on future runs… One can hope.

Still, for a twenty dollar light, I’m pretty jazzed about getting one, like I need another light.

Which coupon did you use on which site?

Yes. The TS10 can run on both flat and button-top 14500.

Actually, I didn’t use any. I didn’t even think about it and the total cost was only $21.99 USD, no tax, free shipping, so it seemed very fairly priced to me. I was so excited to find one in stock that I just ordered it without hesitation.


The coupon code is WKMB888 but you need to create an account on wurkkos.com first!