【TS10V2 Ti available】Wurkkos "slender waist" TS10 titanium version will available on 23th,Sep

Some other general thoughts:
Driver: I don’t know how possible it is at this stage, but a driver with a regulated, flat output would be fantastic and would really elevate this light into a must have. From my experience owning an FWAA, an efficient driver is preferable in a light of this size. The FWAA is inefficient with its FET+1 7315 driver and it has poor battery life at any level above the regulated 350mAh.

Clip: I think that a very important consideration for lights of this size. So many manufacturers get this wrong and it can really compromise with how well the light is carried day to day. The clip that is present on the prototype seems like the same clip present on the SP10V3 and SC21. It isn’t a very good design and I think a lot of people would pay more for a one way – deep carry clip. Ill post an image of one modified by reddit user grzybek337.

Finish: The finish of the light looks great; would it be possible to have colourful anodising like the recent releases of the HD15?

AUX Lights: This is a minor point, but would an RGB LED be possible to source? I find them extremely useful on my Anduril 2.0 lights as they can be used to quickly see battery voltage at a glance. I know I am asking a lot, but I do think that having the ability to change them would help to elevate the WK10 above its competitors.

Finally, I want to say thank you again for listening to community feedback. It is rare to be able to speak to manufacturers like this and I think it’s a fantastic thing!

Thank you, I hope to achieve the expected sale price within $20, so if the AUX lamp is used, it will be a single color. If there are multiple colors, it will increase the head space, and the cost will also increase.I found out that you have the same idea about the clip, I will try to make it better
colourful anodising—definately yes, that is what WURKKOS would like to do :person_with_crown:

Excellent to hear about your reconsideration of the clip and the anodising colours. Understood about the Aux LED increasing the size of the head.

I think many enthusiasts would pay a higher price for a good, regulated driver with a stable light output. If you can, please look into how realistic that would be.

I understand you guys are trying to hit low price points with your lights, so once again, thank you for considering our feedback.

Musts for me:
14500 Compatibility (No need for standard AA or Eneloop), Anduril 2, Deep Carry Clip, NO BUILT IN CHARGING, NO AUX FOR AN EDC.

Orange Anno. Please.

I’ll probably end up buying one, as long as it has a flavor of anduril. I’d also love to see something that is a bit less derivative of the Noctigon K series.

My vote is for Option 2.
Compatibility with standard AA is great as can use AA battery during emergency.

Option 3. Anduril 2!

My (highly unresearched, technically lacking) suggestions would be to offer two versions of this light for around the same cost - one with triple emitters and single-color AUX, and one with a single emitter and multicolor user-selectable AUX lights - like a WK10T and WK10S. I saved the "Pro" for later revisions lol. A good bin of SST20 on the triple would keep costs low, and a 519A in the single emitter would probably balance out the cost with the multicolor AUX (I'm guessing hard here btw) and solve the space issue. I'm not sure if a driver for three SST20s can be used for a single 519A, but costs could also be saved there if that was possible. So the only parts that are not shared are just the optics/LED/mcpcb, which would make assembly simpler and costs lower (discounting the fact that there are two versions now lol!). After all this daydreaming I'm ready to buy a couple of these!

And an efficient driver would really be a bonus!

If these fly off the shelf, then offer a basic version with no Anduril and AA compatibility. AUX would still be cool but since the driver's being redesigned for a basic UI then maybe just link it to battery voltage to keep in line with the WK10 design and make it a differentiating factor to other manufacturers. Oh I completely forgot about Ha....

Then size it up to an 18650, then a 21700 lol!

Knowing this, I am no longer wishing for AA compatibility. Hopefully an efficient driver will be used.

Also, I’d like to state my opinion that the curve of the body design is quite attractive and should improve my ability to hold on to it.

I think we can make a decision soon—
and yes, a series 18650-21700 not bad :laughing:

+1 for RGB/multicolor AUX LEDs wherever possible. I just think if you put Anduril 2 on it would be a shame to not use all included features (like battery level display)

For me a 14500 triple is pointless. I find that 330 lumen with a reflector is more practical than a 1000 lumen triple that runs hot, sucks the battery and can’t throw worth a damn. Just my 2c

I get it, big numbers sell better.


What is the diameter of the head of this flashlight?

Now that Sofirn realised the long awaited AA + 14500 anduril 2, Sofirn SP10 Pro I don't think that increasing the size, and sacrificing output by making it AA compatibile is the best way anymore. It's to late.
Sofirn SP10 Pro is already out, I would strongly pick a fight with lumintop FWAA

for me it's option 3 right now.

As for the charging port, USB C presumably (assuming only 14500 light) I think it will widen the flashlight target group so it's good choice. Look at the Sofirn SC31 PRO hype.

Will it increase the size of the light significantly ?

And Deep Carry Clip with captive ring (like the lumintop FWAA but Deep Carry) is very desirable.

I agree with the points others have made regarding the triple working better with 14500 only and possibly being underpowered and too floody for AA.

So I like option 1 (if a good ramping/stepped firmware is used) to compete with fwaa by being half the price but still having hi CRI and simple/intuitive ramping UI.

Or option 3 to compete with fwaa by offering more features like usb-c charging and aux LEDs

There are a lot of opinions and suggestions, and you can’t make everyone happy. …But I’ll throw my opinion onto the pile as well. I think it would be interesting to see a longer single emitter option compatible with AA as well as a larger 18650 version with 18350 tube for higher output and better capacity. An 18350 version would be a good low cost competitor to the Acebeam TK16 which uses 16340.


My vote is for option 3.

I’d vote for anduril 2 14500 only with RGB aux. usbc recharging is fine but not completely necessary. would love a single emitter and high efficiency driver as well. Maybe some knurling since it looks slippery as it is. Would def pay more for those options! Could be the light a lot of us are looking for!

I vote for Option 2 - AA-Support with Anduril2. No need for Charging (Option 4).

Option 3 14500 with auxiliaries. A future model WK11 can be a single emitter reflector light and AA compatible.

Wurkkos needs to get into the auxiliaries game! I am very excited to know you are thinking seriously about it.


Wurkkos the driver, mcpcb and optic would be very useful to sell as diy parts.

Also want to say we appreciate that you’re another company that engages with us directly and takes in suggestions :+1:

#3, no charging, regulated driver, spring loaded inner tube. A Noctigon KR3 :person_facepalming: .

Just my thoughts… :+1: