Tube light throwers


I was previously recommended the Convoy S21B with KW CULPM1.TG as a 21700 thrower in tube light form factor.

Is this still the best option or are there alternatives now? I didn’t buy before but am considering getting one before our holiday in the woods


Dont know if the S21B is available with SFT40, that’s a good alternative, more lumens almost equal throw

Doesn’t appear to be but thanks anyway :slight_smile:

The Convoy S21A is available with the SFT40, but i can find the S21B only with the SST40.

The S21A and B are almost identical, A has a pill and the B has a shelf. My A models seem to take a few seconds (15+) longer to heat up so i can feel it in my hand but that is probably due to the different LED's more than anything else. The weight is almost identical at 86 g and 89 g respectively so the mass to absorb the heat is relatively insignificant. And that is with both driven at identical amps - I measured.

The S21B with the CULPM1.TG emitter is a super thrower and I can highly recommend it, if that's what you decide, but be sure to get it with an OP reflector or you will see some very ugly lobsided rings around the tight hotspot.... these go away with the OP reflector. I speak from experience.

And if you were wondering, the S21A and B can swap reflectors.

I will be ordering a red body color S21A with the SFT40 soon.... Link below to Simon's Aliexpress store:

Call it the ZZ Top.

Ya know the tube light boogie.

Wondering how is S21B compared to S2+ with OSRAM leds in terms of throw?

S21B also takes 22mm driver. At least mine does.

Both S21A and B take a 22mm driver and both take a 20mm LED.

My 2 S21A’s take 20mm driver. I had to do quite a big job to get 22mm one to fit. Removed threads from a pill with a lathe, filed down Driver to 21mm etc.

In Simon’s shop it says S21A takes 20mm driver.

My bad, yes a 20mm driver. I stand corrected.

No problem. Didn’t want anyone to make a purchace and be disappointed when light arrives.