Turning a SAiK SA-305 into a Fat Boy-T6 -Photo & Video intensive

Here's a few links that I have found interesting and helpful on DC projects.

Emitter Index

How to use a meter for flashlight measurements

CPF's NiMH battery shootout

Parallel battery circuits

Serial (Series) battery circuits

Serial/Parallel battery circuit (towards the bottom of the page). I like these circuits for using AA batteries in 4D-6D Mag-lites, as you get more voltage and more amperage by making a series/parallel battery pack.

Engineering Toolbox Thermal Conductivity of metals - This site has lots of great info

AWG current limits

Voltage drop calculator

DC wire capacity chart

DC Cable sizing Calculator

Electrical Conductivity of Metals

DC rule of thumb (I feel it's true from my own testing, but many disagree totally)

How to find the center of a circle (like a heat sink that you are putting an emitter on)

After all, I just can't sit and wait for 14 more days, so I look for info, parts, etc. Passes the time...

Those are some nice to know links you just shared. Thank you :-)

The problem with modding the c-88 is lots of people like it .. just like it is .

the Saik being 1/2 the price may be twice as hard to mod ... but who says that's not fun too.

First thing i'd do is fill that dang hole with copper ..I have a cheap old light I just pressed a pill into a hollow pill like that ...I had a pill that looked like it would fit .....I made it fit :)

Watching with interest! Old Lumens-a man after my own heart! No rich guy stuff here either. All hand tools, some of them pretty rickety. But the rewards are great!



Checked out your link. Great Mod! Went to CPF too and read the thread there. Good info if I ever do multiple emitters. 7 of them in a 4" head... Someday maybe.

Just in case everyone was wondering, I found that the DX package came into the US today, so hopefully it will get here after Thanksgiving. Maybe around next Monday (I Hope)...

From some measurements that Essexman gave me on his SAiK, I think there will be a Lot of Modification, since the stock lens and reflector are not anywhere near the dimensions of some of the replacement stuff available. It ought to be interesting if it can even be done. Unfortunately I may have to go looking for a different reflector. The lens will end up being a UV filter from a camera.

I love this chuncky light.

I put a red phlatlight emitter in one of these a couple of months ago. Just DD off of the three aa batts. So never had a heat issue with the plastic reflector.

Cant wait to see how yours turns out.

I have this Saik but built it into a 2W 445nm laser with a 26650.


Hello this is my interpretation from the SAIK SA-305. 3 Cree XML U2 driven with 3 x 2,8 Amp,

1 Battery 32650 3,7V 5000mAh!

Congratulations! Welcome to BLF.

Don't take this wrong, but....

It might have been more appropriate to have started your own thread to show your build instead of Hijacking this one...


Probably I'm just too sensitive.Undecided

But this is a thread about the Saik Sa 305

My apologies for speaking out of turn.

Sorry for the possible threadjack but am I the only one who see's bad things in those pics of daysoft's?

Sorry my english is not the best, May be i start an new thread. Do you think it´s better?

interesting that you'd choose a UV filter for the lens - that just happens to be on hand? or happens to fit? I'm sure you'll share component sources when finished...just curious.

do you have a role in mind for the finished product (ie throw, flood)?

It is more floody, but incredible bright. The UV filter was the only chance to fit,

i don´t found anything with this diameter, so i take this from my old camera. Perfect!

It takes at the tailcap about 7,8 Amp on high! ( 3 Mode low-mid-high )

Hello, i made from my mod a new thread.

Sorry at Old-lumens, i never want to hijack your thread!


As I say I take things wrong, always have, it's what I do and the older I get, the harder I take things. I am sure you didn't hijack the thread on purpose, since you are brand new here and I am sure that my feelings on threads are only my own, so again, my apologies. Since I have to wait weeks for parts, I shouldn't have started a thread on this anyhow.

i don't think any body would be upset if you deleted your posts

old lumens,

actually, i'm quite glad you did. I make enough money to buy an c88, a 305, a shower head 4xAA from DX, and mod them all (that's by no means a boast...)

but I get a lot of satisfaction from buying/modding something that matches my needs and expectations

I guess that's the 'budget' part for me - if what I want costs $160, but I get the same functionality for $30 and some of my own sweat, I'm much happier than w/ $160 missing from my account. the same is true if I end up w/ a few cheap lights laying around that i regret buying.

what i'm saying is, I probably would have bought one by now but waiting on your results is keeping me from being hasty. although...i'll admit, i will probably own them all eventually lol

so anyway, my earlier question was for you...