Two interesting dropins at DX

SST-50 dropin. Pity it is only being driven at 2.5A - could do a lot more light at 5A but it would get extremely hot.

The P7 dropin looks interesting as it also claims 2.5A to the LED (Which can handle 2.8)

Tempting, but I'm holding out for an SST-90 light driven hard.

Do you think that it will fit a P60 type light. As you know that im not familiar with drop-ins.........

Those are definitely P60 drop-ins. But since they are limited to 4.2V you can only use one cell. Really, power-hungry LED's like these would need a 502D that could take 2x18650, so they will be underdriven. If you could drive them hard enough, they'd probably overheat though.

Thanks for the input......