Two Lights for Sale

Hey Folks! Once again I’ve overextended myself and in order to make my wife a bit happier I have to sell some lights. Not really up to doing a big sale, had some 23 lights picked out but am just not up to listing that many. I don’t know if anyone’s noticed but I haven’t been able to be in the forum much these past few weeks. My Dad is dying with cancer at 90 yrs old and everything here is upside down.

That said, I have 3 lights here that I really need to sell (don’t want to) to get my wife off my back. lol Sorry to the International members but due to shipping costs I’m going to have to keep this CONUS only.

First up, a decent thrower with a larger hot spot that is stock except for a swap from XP-L HI to HD. The ArmyTek Barracuda Pro. Nice sleek light, I bought it thinking it would be useful for it’s light weight and ease of carry but just don’t use it and never have. These are (as usual for ArmyTek) a bit pricey but I’ll take the first $50 offer for it with the cells inside it. It’s emitter is NW, makes 1310 lumens on rested EVVA 3500mAh Protected cells at 4.09V. A steal at the price with these cells!

SOFIRN SP70 SOLD …And next, is the virtually brand new Sofirn SP70. I changed the MOSFET and made a couple of small tweaks internally to increase output, with the stock XHP-70.2 emitter it makes 7380 lumens on rested Basen 26650’s showing 4.04V. (It really rocks with a pair of Samsung 30T’s!) Again I’ll leave the cells in the light for the first offer of $50.

And the main attraction, a recent purchase for me from a friend of mine the Fenix TK61. I have had problems modifying the TK61 in the past and I’m not sure why I bought this from my friend but his offer to sell it to me for $100 was sweet and since they don’t make them anymore, I took him up on it. I’ll have to get that $100 back on this one but it’s a far different light than it was when I got it! :smiley: I reworked the battery carrier to be in parallel, it will come with 4 Efest 3500mAh 18650’s (they were at 4.11V when I tested lumens) and with these cells as stated it measures 3950 lumens in my newly calibrated light box. The emitter? The 3V XHP-50.2! It makes some 260Kcd in throw and is really a great all around beam profile. The carrier has small Blue Sword springs top and bottom, can be a bit finicky fitting these cells in but is solid with springs on both ends, the firmware is from Comfychair I believe, 7 modes with reversing so a quick click takes it forward and a longer press reverses. Both switches work and do the same thing. So it’s a quick click from off to the lowest level, a bit of a longer click from off to Turbo. Very handy.

If I can find the time I will probably list some other lights but I don’t know when that would be…

Thanks for checking these out, appreciate it. :wink:

I'm so sorry to hear about your father. Wishing you and yours the best.

As for the lights, I wish I were in a position to buy right now. It would be cool to own anything you've worked on, but these are also priced at a steal. Someone will be really happy with these.

Thank you Scallywag, it is what it is, ya know? Dad lost a kidney to cancer back in 1981, and now the other kidney also is infected and he’s too old to operate or do chemo (they tried a chemo medicine but the stuff is horrible and was attacking his liver so he had to quit) I guess at 90, after getting the reprieve from the first time for 38 years, he’s really done well. It’s just very difficult watching him slowly fade and with all the pain and discomfort, well, it just sucks and I’m sure a lot of folks can relate as the big C is worldwide and very busy.

If he can make it to September he and Mom will have been married 68 years. This is all very hard on her for sure. She’s 85.

Interested in the SP70, PM sent.

It looks like some tough times are coming your way. Sorry to hear that.
First priority is your father. Give him all the time you can spare. You won’t be sorry.
Most men have difficulties expressing their feelings, but when the end is near …
I’ve been there. Sometimes those few words can lighten up the rest of your life.

As for the other thing. She is a bit older, but my wife used to be a registered nurse too.
They come with a manual that dwarfs that of a Boeing 747.
I’m still only halfway. And then there are updates. A lot of them. Almost daily.
Don’t rush the sale. Maybe the lights are not the real issue.
Though you would make some BLF members (CONUS only :frowning: ) very happy.

I wish you a lot of strength, you and your family.


Very sorry to hear about your father. Cancer is the worst. My own father (93yrs) will have his first surgery later this month to replace a heart valve.

But, those lights, do you have anything to relocate that isn't black? Preferably bare metal.

Henk4U2, I hear ya… Mary is an LVN and so is my brother who lives next door. So between them and Hospice we have Nurses running around like crazy! lol

Thanks JordanZHP, replied and pending… :wink:

MyRants, yeah, it’s not easy. Dad has had a Pacemaker for 7 years and is on blood thinners. Other issues as well, it just isn’t easy getting that old for some folks. My wife has patients at her clinic that are in their late 90’s and run all the time, busy as beavers and hate having to stop to see the Dr. for check-ups… genetics.

Edit: Oh! Bare metal! You mean the pricey ones! :slight_smile: Well, I guess I could sell my Titanium X6 from Rey, but it wouldn’t be cheap. What with all the Tritium vials and it’s ~10,000 lumen output it ended up costing me more than I even wanted to admit to myself!

LOL, tritium and 10,000 Lumens? Isn't that one of the ways they make nuclear weapons? Clearly out of my price range.

Dale, I’m very sorry to hear the bad news. I lost Dad too early, and Mom is way up there in years, like your Dad. It’s not easy, but for what it’s worth, I do believe there is a better place. Hang in there.

I’m ok, I am realistic enough to know that it’s gotta happen, it’s Mom I’m worried about… she’s been with Dad since she was 17 years old, doesn’t know anything at all about not being married. I don’t know how she’ll take it when that time comes, but I do know it can’t be far off. He’s been sick and not eating for over a month, on Fentanyl and sleeping a good part of the day just to be somewhat comfortable. To get up from the bed is a world of hurt, he still tries but it costs him. Mom is getting run ragged with the stress and worry of it all. And he’s a bad patient too, so…

He’s sleeping again and I gotta try to mow, now that it’s 102 on this thermometer beside me…

Dale, I hope you’re doing alright. Wishing you the best. I was interested in the Sofirn, but I see someone else got a great deal. Thanks for sharing some of your lights with the rest of us. Hang in there!

i went thru this with my grandfather. he was on Ensure while he was in the hospital. he pulled out his feeding tube and iv’s when I was called to his room (I worked for security at the hospital) to help with an unruly patient. I got there and he said take me home. the doctor came in and said “i’d do what he says. every one of those scars he has he got from a fight”. he was back on solid food and even had a few sips of 151 overproof rum on occasion.

be strong dale. you have to be, for mom. we were able to get thru it for my grandmother, so I know you can.

Sorry to hear about your father, DB. I will say, that is an impressively long stretch between battles though. Sounds like your dad is a tough old bird. And respect for your folks being together for so long!

Like most people, I’ve definitely lost loved ones to C. Including my own father, 5 years ago next week. Taken way too young at 65.

Sorry to hear about your father DB, I can sympathize with your situation. Spend as much time with him now as you can, its not something you want to regret later.

Be strong for your father and for yourself buddy!

I’m struggling myself yet we better stay strong as it’s our only option.

Hang in there DB. It’s tough to watch. Getting old shouldn’t be so hard.

Ah, but… could a sunset so keen be judged as well by younger eyes absent the pain or experience?


I am so sorry to hear about your Dad.
I've had one battle with C, it aint fun to go through or watch.

Take Care

Dale, really sorry to hear about your dad… lost mine a few years ago, it is really tough.