Two new lights from DieHard

Here are two new lights from DieHard - yes the Sears brand... but brought to you by Dorcy (who I believe have been bringing you Sears and Craftsman brand flashlights for a while now).

So I couldn't decide which one to get - and so like any true Flashaholic I looked over the specs for quite a while, compared the form factor; the batteries type used; runtime; output; modes; etc;etc;etc - and of course decided to get both! LOL

The first one (240 lumens) runs on 4xaa and reminds me a lot of a Streamlight flashlight I own and like the form factor of. This light slips easily into a pocket - typically my rear pocket with ease due to the more oval than round shape. It has a tail cap clickie and two levels.

Aside from the form factor I like, I really like the output levels and associated runtimes: 240 lumens for almost 3 hours is pretty good for the "average Joe" flashlight - and then the low setting, which I'm thinking would be great for enough light to get around during an extended power outage (like we just had here in New Jersey for 10 days) - 31 lumens for 70 hours! Not bad for Joe homeowner. The beam pattern is nice and smooth with a decent hot spot. I'm not sure yet where this light will fit into my collection - perhaps in my tool box, or in the glove box of my truck. It seems very durable and with some lithiums in it will make a good "there when I need it" light.

This 300 lumen light rocks! Really nice beam, a true ANSI 300 lumens (both lights are ANSI spec), easy to use side push button switch and battery indicator. Yeah it runs on 6xaaa batteries, and I know a lot of people will take issue with that, but with the listed runtimes (save me the re-typing - see below), it actually gets decent runtime out of the little aaa's. As for me I happen to have 6xaaa rechargeables looking for a home, and this is it. I really like the look and feel in hand of this light - it also looks good on my shelf, but it isn't sitting there much lately, as that it has been put on dog walking duty. My PT Apex healdamp is my primary dog walking light, but I always bring a flashlight too.

I really like them both and may even buy more of the 240 lumen versions to give my friends for Christmas. Both lights tailstand, which is very important to me. One minor gripe - on the 300 lumen one the switch could possibly turn on by accident. The switch is recessed pretty well, and does require more than a ultra light touch to turn on, but still it could accidently get pushed in a tool box or glove box. You can not lock it out by unscrewing the tail cap, however I did notice a really cool design feature - the battery carrier can be flipped around (upside down) safely. A little more effort than a half turn to lock it out, but it works fine and will allow it to be carried anywhere without fear of accidently turning on.

Both lights come with DieHard batteries. ...nothing to do with anything else, but as a side note: I remember growing up - as a kid my father always bought DieHard batteries for our cars. I always enjoyed going to Sears with him and picking out the best DieHard battery we could get for our car and helping him put it in. Just a warm memory that flashed through my mind as I loaded the little AA and AAA batteries that say DieHard on them into these lights. :)

Sorry for my crappy cel phone pictures - I spend all my money on flashlights not cameras! LOL Anyway you can see these lights at some Sears locations or online at the Dorcy website.


Nice. It's good to see some decent quality and fairly brigh lights becoming available to Joe Average. What emitters are in them?

Why didn’t you follow-up KartRacer31 with a “you’re welcome” to my post here in your (very short) thread on BLF It’s really not very friendly for someone that only started posting after Hurricane Sandy AND only posts about Dorcy/Diehard/Sears lights AND has no other qualitative action with us here… :frowning:

Man, I even commented on that first Diehard above in this thread here on BLF that I also ordered… it works but you should take it outta’ the package and take some pics or some beamshots: it’s one UGLY lookiing light.

Clearly, engaging with the “Average Joe” (240 lumens for almost 3 hours is pretty good for the “average Joe” very few of us that “are” “average” “joes” consider themselves to be and would rarely refer to themselves like this in a forum) community here is not as important as schilling for Dorcy/Diehard/Sears…

Why didn’t you follow-up KartRacer31 with a “you’re welcome” to my post here in your (very short) thread on BLF It’s really not very friendly for someone that only started posting after Hurricane Sandy AND only posts about Dorcy/Diehard/Sears lights AND has no other qualitative action with us here… :frowning:

Seriously… Sorry I didn’t respond to your post. I read it while I was unable to take the time to respond, and then forgot to. Sorry if you felt neglected. FYI I just responded. Sorry you think I’m not very friendly - funny your comment seems to make you sound like the unfriendly one.

— Nice photo of the 240 lumen light, thanks for sharing in this thread.

I’m not sure why I’m even justifying this comment from you “It’s really not very friendly for someone that only started posting after Hurricane Sandy AND only posts about Dorcy/Diehard/Sears lights_ AND has no other qualitative action with us here… :(”

I only started posting after Hurricane Sandy because that is when I joined - seems to make sense to me.

You say that “…I have no other qualitative action with us here :(” …Wow that’s big talk for a guy who has been a member here for 13 weeks and has 95 posts… and I’ve been here for 2 weeks and have 45 posts! Do the math “Mr qualitative action”, and better yet why not just keep your negative comments to yourself and let the moderators do the moderating. I’m gonna take a big guess here that the majority of this community does not want someone making comments like you did. From what I have gathered, this forum was designed to be different than CPF and while I’m new here myself I don’t think someone who has been here for 13 weeks is quite “us here” status yet.

All of my posts are not about Dorcy/DieHard/Sears lights at all - apparently you just haven’t looked at any of the other reviews I posted or took the time to notice any/all of the other threads I’ve been active in, including taking the time to welcome a couple of new members after the nice warm welcome I got from a bunch of guys. - However, you took quick offense to my forgetting to reply to your post within my thread. And while several of my posts are about Dorcy lights, I think my thread entitled: “Why I’m into Dorcy and Diehard lights and batteries right now” would have cleared up any confusion on your part.

I own hundreds of flashlights, some of which I bought because of reviews I read on this forum, and pretty much everyone here has done a better review with better pictures than I ever could do on the Black Shadow, Sky Ray, UltraFire etc, lights I have - so I just haven’t bothered doing such reviews. However, I haven’t seen many Dorcy/DieHard reviews here, and I thought I would share something different with everyone. I think I was the first person here to post info on the Rayovac 4-n-1. I did choose to comment on the SR King because while I was reviewing posts about here to make an informative choice about getting it or not, I noticed some guys had issues with some dealers and some versions of the light - so I figured I would just give some feedback on my experiences with it. If you read that post you would have noticed I said I also just ordered a Sky Ray (WF-666) and a BlackShadow Padme which I was waiting delivery on, and I plan on sharing my experiences with those lights as soon as they come in.

Comments like yours above are what have ruined other flashlight forums - I never personally had any issues at CPF or elsewhere (and I’ve been a member on CPF for more than 10 years). I’m not some young punk kid sitting in front of his computer with nothing better to do than stir up crap on forums, and I don’t normally like when people respond like I am right now in “public” in a thread - I think this kind of BS should be handled in a PM, but since you decided to call me out without any cause or justification I figured I would comment back.

“mea culpa’s” most ingenously offered.

“Call you out?” Just an “average Joe?” Sorry, not our Joe style.


Standing by my average joe assertion… whatever…

s. I do like the dorcy led lantern here that one of your first posts alerted me too, and maybe the catalog you passed out to those of us so terribly afficted by Sandy will generate some good biz for your company.

Again… waiting for some nice beam shots outta the package

Runtime seems great - as I said in my post:

Comments like yours ruin things.

Just for the record I don’t work in any aspect of the flashlight industry.

I’m not going to waste another moment in this conversation, or take up any more space in this forum with your antics.

Perhaps you can take the hi-road along with me and end this here.

Hi JohnnyMac - I agree :slight_smile: Sorry I don’t know what type of emitters they are but here is the best picture I could get of them. The OP reflector is the 240 lumen. --KartRacer31

Regardless, given the number of horizontally connected bizness entities, your comment quoted below is, ostensibly, vacuous in its import.

Nonetheless, even with your schillin’ - my brother-in-law’s been likin the Dorcy lantern when my sis kicks him down to the basement these past few nights (from what he’s been sayin to me)…

flash.light, this is at least the second time this week that you've antagonized apparently innocent members by accusing them of being spammers or shills. What's up?

Dear rojos,

As a member you have read a number of posts - as well, you can click on any “members” name/avatar and view what has been posted.

The link you suggested - from (still at this point in time) a one-post “member/sign-on - was not only extraordinarily detailed but was way too convoluted in its entirety… hey, at least I offered a coupla’ a Forum deals before I submitted a query, let alone one extensive as them.

As far as a second time, I’ll require a link??? (not sure what you’re referring to)

I stand by my post(s) (if you read the totality as well as the chronology, you will likely similarly infer…)

Anyways, if you’re located in the US, I would like you to participate in my Poll for USPS/ePacket HERE

Flash.light, this is the third post this week you’ve thrown your toys out of the pram, seriously, calm down, if you have an issue, try a pm first, at the moment your just coming across like a bolshy troll rather than a civil member of a pretty calm easy going forum.

You have asked why moderators don’t do anything about “apparent shills”, they don’t because there is one mod, the forum owner, we can hit the “mark as spam” button, and let sb decide what he wants to do, but calling members out for no good reason is imo just trolling pure and simple.

Kartracer, thanks for sharing the various lights you have, its interesting to see what you guys across the pond get off the shelf, I wish we had some similar options because I see a lot of uses for them. Keep ’em coming as far as I’m concerned, variety helps the forum grow.

Thanks for the pics, Tim. They look like Cree XP-G emitters to me. I think I see 4 sections on the surface. I first thought they might be XP-E but if I zoom the pic I think I make out 4.

— Thank you (and all the others who have commented to me both in this post and in PM’s about it) :slight_smile: —KartRacer31

No problem, I didn’t want you to feel that the ramblings of one demented torch freak are the feelings of the whole forum. 8)

Exactly. Kinda reminds me of aussietorchfreak, the tacticool guy S)

It’s not just me then :bigsmile:

Took the words right outa my mouth! Thanks Gords!

And Kartracer, please don’t let this thread keep you from posting things like this. With the exception of a very small percentage that you may have noticed, we are easy going paople passionate about flashlights who like to see new things in the industry and speculate about them!

We need to keep the bashing, instigating, and rudeness out, those things belong in other forums, not in BLF.

LOL :slight_smile: And if you ever need someone on this side of the pond to mail some of the “off the shelf” stuff to you, just say so! —KartRacer31

Hmmm, let me put a list together………

Ok, :-