Two Sunayman and some AAA pocket: Prometheus Beta QR brass, DQG AAA Ti, Olight i3S, Klarus Mi02, Maratac Copper

All shipped from Spain, the price of shipping must be added to the marked prices.

To UE:

• 51-100 gr.: 7,55 €
• 101-500 gr.: 11,70 €
• 501-1.000 gr.: 18,10 €
• 1.001-2.000 gr.: 26,00 €

To Australia-Canadá-USA-Japan-New Zeland-Russia:

• 51-100 gr.: 9,00 €
• 101-500 gr.: 15,35 €
• 501-1.000 gr.: 26,45 €
• 1.001-2.000 gr.: 42,50 €

For each flashlight I put the weight in grams including the original box but that weight will have to be increased with the weight of the envelope or shipping box and bubble wrap, foam rubber or other protector


Sunwayman V60C, with adjustment by a smooth magnetic ring with continuous variation from 0 to 909 lumens + strobe mode, cold light Cree XM-L2 U2 led, launcher, with exceptional design, machining and black anodizing finish, typical of the first Sunwayman’s glory years. It works with three 18650, or six CR123 or six 16340, input voltage between 5.5 and 25.2 V. , constant current circuit without PWM. Perfect state of conservation in terms of appearance and operation, only used at home exceptionally for my admiration and enjoyment and now to return to check that it works correctly.

I am selling it because I am a fan of Sunwayman and I have two more of these at home, and I prefer not to worry about what my heirs will do with them and to make a little cash.

Price 80 euros plus shipping cost (485 gr., with packaging exceeds 500 gr.)


Sunwayman C25C Titanium Thrones. Titanium alloy, blue tritrium vial in the tail, CreeXM-L2 U2 led with 856 lumens of cold light in turbo mode (three minutes) and three modes of 16, 150 and 360 lumens plus strobe, constant current circuit without PWM, low voltage indicator, uses one 18650 or two CR123, ignition lock.

Perfect external and functional condition, only used at home to test it, always in the showcase.

Price 75 euros plus shipping cost (215 gr.)


Olight I3s XP-G2, 80 lumens, in black with some little scratches in the front edge but good general condition and anodized, with boxes, papers, spare o-rings. 10 €. 55 gr.


DQG AAA Titanium neutral white. First generation, only support AAA but no 10440; very good condition, only used at home a few times. Price 35 € 30 € 25 €. 45 gr.


Maratac AAA copper REV3 (mediun-low-high) XP-G2, never used, never carried, it has a little patina just from the lapsed time outside its sealed packaging (since I bought it). Price 40 € 30 €. 44 gr.


Prometheus Beta-QR V2, in brass especial edition Scouth Leather Co, with a Nichia 119 4000K 90 CRI. Never carried, only used for testing, I recently took the shine after raising some patina in the showcase. Price 65 € 45 €. Weight 50 gr. (sold the copper one in the pictures)



Two Klarus Mi02 UV blue and black, originally they came with 5mm UV led; Mint condition.
Now the blue one has installed a Nichia NSDL570GS-K1 4000K, viewing angle 140º and 23 Lm at 70 mA (see:

Nichia NSDL570GS-K1, 5mm-LED, 23lm, 2700K | the leading LED-shop by LUMITRONIX )

The black one has installed a Nichia NSDW510GS-K1 5000K, viewing angle 35º and 21 Lm at 70 mA. (see:
Nichia NSDL510GS-K1, 5mm-LED, 26000mcd, 2800K | the leading LED-shop by LUMITRONIX )

Price 15 € 10 € each one , weight 57 gr. each one.


I will take Fenix E05


Reserved, thanks.

I’ll buy the Nitecore D10 SP camouflage

Will PM - Thanks!

Reserved the D10 SP camo, thanks

I'm glad that you can ship to Russian flashaholics.

(I didn't know that anyone could ship to Russia.)

I don’t know if I can ship to Russia, but sure there will be russian flashaholic in other countries.

As tomorrow I will have to go to the post office I will ask about shipments to Russia :wink:

Okay, I hope I didn't open a can of worms with my comment.

Good luck with the sale!

Hi Notiluco! I’m replying to your comment in the other sales’ thread .
Although I like the Mini ML flashlight, I was actually looking for the one with larger head (the Turbo version), since I wanted to make some experiences with it.

But I will keep an eye on this thread, though as you have some nice lights for sale!

Good luck with it :wink:

I’ll take the Olight blue i3s

Is the Mini ML the CR2 version?


No, It is a CR123 size.

I’m really eyeing up that Kronos X6 but I can’t quite justify the 90+EUR for it! It looks great though

I have both Kronos.

They won't leave me at this cheap price-is all i can say...

I’ll take the copper prometheus. can you pm me your paypal adress and final price with shipping to Belgium ? Thank you.

PM sent, thanks

Those BLF Kronos flashlights are awesome! And I like how you kept the boxes and accessories. Too bad you’re not located in the US since I would be tempted with the X5.

Prices reduced.

Price drop again.