Two XM-L2 T6 3C - large tint difference?


I just received two XM-L2 T6 3C (5000K) emitters, from the same vendor, in the same shipment, and reflowed them into two lights (very similar models from the same vendor), and it seems like the tint between the 2 lights now is hugely different. I’m not a tint expert, but one is very nice, just slightly warmer than what I’d call a cool white, and the other is much, much warmer, almost a green tint.

As I said, I’m not a tint expert, and I normally don’t pay much attention to tint, but after I did the 2 reflows, and check the beams side-by-side, the tint difference is very noticeable.

I know that within a bin, there are slight differences, but should the tint difference between two emitters with the same bin be that different?

I would take some pics, but I’m not sure if I’d know how to setup the camera to show the tint difference….


Same driver? Same current? Same reflector? Same glass lens?

Were they both in a single piece of cut tape, or separate?


Yes, pretty much.

The 2 lights were a Niteye MSC10 and MSA10, with a 16340 and 14500 in them, respectively. These lights are pretty much the same (lens, reflector, driver, star), but with different bodies. Also, I switched the heads, and the tints followed the heads.

EDIT: These were the lights I mentioned here: Anyone disassembled Niteye MSA20?

They were in a single piece of cut tape (just 2 emitters) and the tape seemed to be sealed when I got it.

Too much heat for too long can sometimes lift the dome off the die, and it still looks normal from the outside. But it will drastically affect the tint.

Could be the luck of the tint lottery. I installed an XP-E2 in a C8, and it’s the greenest tint I’ve ever seen. I just got another of the exact same XP-E2, and will install it in the same light to see if its any better. If it’s green also, I’ll try it with a different reflector. If that doesn’t work, I’ll give up.

I’m wondering if something weird happened to my XP-E2. It’s really green.

Do you mind posting back after you’re tried the new one?

Thanks. I guess that’s possible. I may do like Ouchy, and order another two XM-L2, since I don’t know which tint I have now is the ’right” one. I know it’s relative, but should a 3C 5000K look more greenish/warmish or, more kind of like a slightly warm cool white?

All this is very subjective, but to me 3C has always been an unpleasant tint. Just the very slight change to a 3B makes a huge difference. I don't know if it's too much green or what in the 3C, but I really don't like them. 3B is very nice though.

I'm not the only one who doesn't like T6 3C!

As I said, I don’t normally pay much attention to tint, but boy, when you put two different ones together, you really do notice the difference :(!

Yes, that's true. I had 2 lights that had 3C but didn't like the tint at all.

And compared to other tints they became even more ugly. I could have been lucked out. But still 2 out of 2, so I don't want 3c anymore.

Your not the only one that has has large variations on tint with the XML-2 led. One of mine I hate. Luck of the draw I'm putting it down to.

I've hated the 3c for a long time and have seen about 10 that I think are foul and green ..BUT I got a Solarstorm SC01 from banggood with a SWEET xml t6 3C ,,,

So i think 3c is a 1 out of 10 chance ...roll the dice

Here’s an attempt at a pic comparing the two beams - the one that looks greenish to me is on the left. This was taken with auto white balance turned off:

Is it (tint differences) only with the XM-L2s, in particular?

I only have one light with the old XML C3 and it is different to the XML-2 which are different in themselves if that makes sense.