U.S. made P60 style host in 20700/21700

I’ve been talking to a U.S based machine shop about making new P60 host for the new 20700/21700 cell. I’ll use Solarforce nomenclature on the styles. What are you all interested in; L2P, L2T, L2N and P1D which will be a heavier host for hotter Dropins. The body and tail will be custom. The bezel and head will be universal with those currently made. For those unfamiliar with the cell

Sound off and let me know the styles, amounts and price range you’d be interested in. Styles listed is to get an idea of what you want. Lights will be built very close to original size with scale up to allow new cell to fit. So expect the host to be a few mm’s longer and wider over prior 18650 host.

01/09/2017 update
I asked last night and, yes Copper can be done. Quoting the shop owner “Once we get the basic design down, we can easily develop heads, bezels & tail caps of every imagineable design. Any Metals. That will change the prices in some cases as you know but I believe in offering options. Options sell and options sell lights.”

Might wanna make it around the 21700 cell seems like Tesla and industry is going towards that more then this cell. The Tesla and EU gigafactories decided to mass produce the 21700 over the 20700

I’d be in for L2P or L2N style hosts. You could always make the host a little bit thicker for maybe a future mod so that the host can be bored for a 21700 cell. But I think that would also boil down to the pricing of the host.

I would only be interested in a 21700 host, no future-boring or unnecessary cell-changing for me. L2N style would my preference.

How about make the host fit 21700 cell and make a sleeve to fit 20700 cells as well? That way you cover your bases for both cells.

I’d design for the 21700 and leave 1mm play for the 20700. Like, big deal. An 18350 light can easily take a 16340 and CR-type cells, so who cares about a little slop? In fact, give it a teeny bit more room to accommodate protected cells (double-wrapped, sense strip, etc.).

Aside, ain’t familiar with Solarforce lights, goggled around for images, wasn’t thrilled (stylistically) with any of the 4 listed. They’re okay, but things that look like a big hex-nut for a collar, etc., never thrilled me. Would probably feel lousy stuffed into a pants pocket. :smiley:

Feel free to disagree (this is all personal taste/preference anyway), but I always preferred sleek, over something that looked like it was cobbled together from various random plumbing supplies and engine parts.

Gimme something that has a constant-diameter battery tube and tailcap like a tubelight (eg, S2+), and the head of a (Convoy) M1, only without the shaved parts on the fins. That’d be a sharp-looking light, especially if made in multiple colors.

I’d be interested in an L2P or P1D. But I agree with above: future-proofing it to accept 21700 by making the battery tube 1mm wider would be a good idea.

Yup, I would be interested in the L2P, I love P60’s.

Yet another vote for the L2P style. I’d be interested in that, but like others I’d only be interested if it fits 21700 - no future work to fit cells we already know are coming on strong.

I would prefer L2P or L2N style and of course 21700 compatibility.
If we are at it: How about a 26650/700 version also - making a nice “Trustfire A8 style”-P60-host? :wink:

L2P or L2T preferred for me. 21700 for compatibility agreed. If there’s any chance for copper that would be awesome.

P1D or L2N sized for the 21700 would be my preference. An L2P with the head style from the L2B would be a nice looking light as well.

Yes Copper can be done.

Any progress on an L2P style with 21700 support?
I picked up some new 4800mAh 21700s and would love to use em in a flashlight.

Interested l2t with smooth head and tail. I agree with lightbringer that hex nut collar is not very appealing. It has its place in tactical applications but for EDC doesnt work.

Interested l2t with smooth head and tail. I agree with lightbringer that hex nut collar is not very appealing. It has its place in tactical applications but for EDC doesnt work.

I would like to see the l2n body tube with l2t head and tail. Either stainless or copper, or both

Will it be possible to keep it Head/Bezel and Tailcap thread compatible with Solarforce or SureFire C Format in general? The reason why I ask is because I love Lego’ing the parts…

Kinda curious what ever happened with these? Was Texas Lumens the maker?


Hi Beam!
We WAS and We ARE the maker…. You can find these on our site and more lights as well now. We have added a C8 and a new small 3000 lumen light, the TLSA9 series. There is a link to the site below. Here is one of the P-60’s in copper…. Sorry I haven’t been on BLF much…. 18 hour shop days are about all I can handle!!! THANKS FOR ASKING!!!