Uber Top Quality cells from China, LOL!!!

Went with a friend in a local chinese retail superstore, and ended playing with the many el-cheapo flashlights they had there.

Bought a couple of little aspheric zoomies as Christmas presents for friends, they came with charger and cell for less than 8 bucks.

While the flashlights itself ain't anything special (Microcosmos JH-815h, will review asap), what I couldn't stop laughing for where the cells supplied: the cheap copy of the cheapest copy of the lousiest Ultrafire cells

They are so cheap and unnamed that even the labels aren't the "usual" Ultrafire rewraps: "UitraFlrc".... ROFLMAO!!!!

The specs state the top of the crop 4000mAh (wonder if they can reach 1200 real...)

At least, in a glimpse of honesty, they removed the "PCB protected" phrase from the label, as they are obviously non protected.

The scary thing is that some of the flashlights for sale were 2 cells in series, with the same cells supplied, and to make things worse, some had a charger that charges the cells inside the flashlight with a simple coax jack plug, which doesn't care at all for balancing the cells.

Think that these are sold like toys to people that knows nothing of the inherent dangers of misused lipo cells, and this just spell disaster waiting to happen.

The c in the name is spelt wrong. It was meant to be an e

The "C"??? Only??

Did you read the whole label? It's written UitraFlrc !

They swapped the “i” and the “l”, but the “c” came out of no where.

UltraFlare sounds about right.

Insert UltraFlares here:

The Chinese usually swap L with R, not i :bigsmile: