UF-T90 - Dedomed MT-G2 Mod (Pic heavy)

Thats quite a dramatic difference between your DST and T90 in the first photo. WOW! Thanks for the beam shots.

Thanks Tom. Those images totally don't do this light justice. All the moisture in the air makes the light look floody. It not at all. The spill is incredibly useful and even. I'm seeing all kinds of stuff in it. Especially in the air. There is a lot of activity up there. I saw many Chimney Sweeps and some bats. All kinds of bugs. I'm betting spider webs will be quite visible. This light is by far my favorite light so far. And by a huge margin over my other lights.

I will try to get new beam shots soon.

Added a few beam shots from a clearer night. Definitely my go to light until I finish my scratch build.

You tease! ;)

Nice shots.