Ultimate LED Bulbs - Ultra High CRI - The Honorable Quest

Most of the sunlike bulbs are under that price

I have MASTER LED ExpertColor LED ExpertColor 5.5-50W GU10 927 36D 871869670767800
in warm white
CRI (Nom.) 97
they are very nice also the tint is good but I can not test things like CRI or R9

Soraa lamps is nice by CRI & R9 , but tint isn’t ideal ; excellent heatsinks (I use AR111& mr16 lamps). And “violet pump” instead of blue.

Philips ExpertColor line — 95 CRI for E26/27 lamps , 97CRI for mr16/gu10 lamps.

> Soraa … but they are terribly expensive

Yep, I’m hoping the price falls on those over time. I can wait.

Anyone measured flicker on Philips LEDspot ExpertColor GU10 ?
On Amazon I see few reviews about flicker,_
“However, there is a very small amount of flicker both at full brightness and when dimmed,
which is disappointing as some cheaper LEDs don’t flicker at all. ”_
and “Actually nice warm light with good color rendering, but: It flickers!
It is impossible to take photos with a digital camera (Lumix G5) or even with a mobile phone, because everything looks striped. ”

Can you measure temp. of these lamps (thermometer, thermal imager ) after 1 hour work?
How much flicker on full power or when it’s dimmed ?

One more warm white CRI95+ bulb tested here:
Prometheus A60 E27 LED Bulb (2700K, CRI96)

I ordered several bulbs from Bulbrite from the below criteria. Mostly filament bulbs because they seem to dim extremely well and have good side output.

Bulbrite product search

I guess this is the same company who makes SORAA to i’m hopeful they are good. I will run basic spectral tests when they arrive.

Update on Ultimate LED Bulbs - Ultra High CRI - The Honorable Quest - #236 by Dalamar

I had to repload the CRI result… the image was missing, implying they may have DMCA’d it, but never got a notice from google… I would not buy from that aliexpress store with the way they bully, the only way that image went missing is they reported it.
They sent me “tests” with numbers very different from my old and outdated calibration tool (which only has a problem with too much green) on aliexpress…. (and of course, it was only “tested for 2 months”)

DIY led uhome if you are reading this it never pays to be a bully!

regarding the heat comment… it creaks when turned on, this implies that it is heating rapidly. so clearly there may be an issue, I have no way to measure the temperature.

big>Bulbrite 90 CRI measurements

Bulbs and unscientific test setup:

Measurements taken at 10 minutes:

Model: LED12A19/930/J/D/3
Price: $4.60

Model: LED8A19/30K/FIL/2/JA8 Price: \$7.50 ![](https://i.imgur.com/yFAwphZ.jpg) ![](https://i.imgur.com/kcVxNEJ.jpg)

Model: LED8A19/27K/FIL/2/JA8 Price: \$7.50 ![](https://i.imgur.com/pI927OE.jpg) ![](https://i.imgur.com/JoYdyoz.jpg)

Model: LED9A19/30K/FIL/3 Price: \$8.80 ![](https://i.imgur.com/SYHH39A.jpg) ![](https://i.imgur.com/asL2quQ.jpg)

Model: LED9A19/30K/FIL/M/3 Price: \$9.50 ![](https://i.imgur.com/YMPHanQ.jpg) ![](https://i.imgur.com/qb9yUsM.jpg)


It is as advertised but nothing spectacular. The CRI is not as high as Yuji or Waveform type 95+ CRI bulbs but the output is nearly double and price slightly cheaper. These types of filament bulbs are probably your best bet if you want to use a dimmer though I did not test that yet.

Thanks, that one looks good for the price.

Received few gu10 and mr16 ExpertColor lamps from Ebay store’s.
Very nice tint, may be slightly better, that from Soraa Vivid 3000K.
Good optics (36 grad).
Color reproduction - very nice for LED lamp (not as good , as from my etalon bulbs, Osram halogen 3000K and Solux halogen 3500K, but very close and better than many other CRI90+ lamps).
Temperture after 25…30min of work :
gu10 5.5w 230v : approx. +50…+53 (Seek Thermal xr),
6.5w 12v : approx +61+63, +60 on foto, 1min after off and removed from fixture (ambient temp. : +20 …+21).

1) philips Expertcolor gu10 5.5w in open fixture, Wofi Minit , after30min
2) philips Expertcolor mr16 6.5w in Ikea desk lamp
3) || 1min after off and removed from fixture

What is the easiest E27 high CRI bulb to acquirer in the UK, without high costs?

I have the Philips ExpertColour GU10s in some places, but they don’t seem to have a ExpertColour E27.

FEIT Electric OM60DM/930CA/4

I am going to do an experiment. I have a ton of Lee minus Green (804). I am going to see what happens if I open these up and add a minus green filter to them.

Here’s an amazing tunable high CRI bulb of the “future”. Tech would need to trickle down to households but it’s an interesting read.

Update: I’ve replaced 6 bulbs so far because of major flickering issues (at full brightness or any range). Disappointing.

I’ve contacted their customer support to see if they’ll send replacements.

When you say full brightness is it still on a dimmer? I could never get the flicker out on my dimmer either and Lutron are regarded as some of the best dimmers for LED

These particular ones are on a Lutron Caseta dimmer. PD-6WCL i believe. I have no flickering or anything during dimming, they get really low before just simply turning off. They’re just randomly failing, probably crappy caps.

But it only allows changing CCT, which already exist. I wish it allows tweaking DUV also.

It can tweak to Duv as well and even adjusts based on LED age (by detecting fwd voltage) to maintain 1 step eclipse. It can dim through wireless commands or via in wall dimmer which detects waveform.