Ultra fire 008 owners: does it make a visible spot in daylight? How far away?

I'm thinking of getting an 008 but I want to know if it makes a visible spot on te ground in daylight and if so how far away? You can give me an answer for a cloudy mid day or any other day scenario, just tell me if it's direct sunlight or what. Thanks!

Bob C.

I have a similar recoil thrower thats driven at about 700mA at high with a q5 emitter. In a fairly sunny day the hotspot can be seen at about 10m away on a wall. Never tried a longer range and even that was purely random. I usually use flashlights in low light enviroments. Any particular needs?

I need to light up nooks & crannies that are shaded in the forest floor in the daytime. Sounds like it should work fine. 4-5 meters would be plenty. Thanks.

I have a similar recoil light also and I used it the other day to hunt for sheds. Great light for that.

Antler sheds? At night or during the day? Do you sell them? I have dogs that love them.

I collect them during the day. I keep the big ones and my dogs get the little ones. As much as they love them, I can’t get them to help me find any.