ultrafire 50x b host from manafont

i bought this host from manafont because a friend at work wanted me to build him another p60. i figured that if the light wasn’t quality enough that i’d feel comfortable reselling it, then i’d just make it yet another junk drawer light and be done with it for the eight bucks i’d spend on the host. how good could it be for eight bucks? heck, pizzas cost more! here is the link:


it came 28 days from the date of purchase in the standard manilla envelope and well wrapped. there were no marks or damage of any kind that i could see. the host itsself is a dull gloss finish. the knurling is smooth unlike the similar sf l2. the fit seems to be about on par with sf. i unscrewed the tailcap to see how smooth the threads were. to my amazement, they are very well done and smooth! the reverse clickie seems mildly stiff, which is how i like them. also, the bezel on this one appears to be stainless steel. it’s not plastic which would be a real turn off. it is also smooth with no klingon type strike bezel nonsense. it’s really light. i didn’t weight it but it’s probably as light as the solarforce l2t. it may have a problem getting rid of extra heat build up from strong emitters and high currents but i don’t think that p60’s were designed for that anyway. i plan on using a modest 1.4a driver and xr-e in this light. i’ve built several p60’s with that combo and they have great throw and usable spill. all in all it seems to be a very well made host and the best of the xxxxfire lights i’ve seen. i have no problem with building this host into a reliable light and reselling it but i don’t think i’ll personally be giving up solarforce for its upmost quality anytime soon.