ultrafire 980l vs trustfire x9 (2.8a driver mod) video..p60 vs the others in post #7

see a showdown between two great throwers..cheers! ps. check out my new shed the pops bought me..what a great guy lol


Thanks for the vid, pounder ;) Looks like X9 should throw more than 980l, tighter and slightly brighter hotspot.

yeah sashi it is under driven from the 980l and throws tighter..larger head makes that possible i`m sure..awesome light

Aha, but is bigger also. Smaller light - worse throw, bigger light - better throw. Would be nice to see P60 XML (3 mode from MF) comparison as well.

I have the 3 mode from mf coming but I do have a kd 5 mode that pulls 3a from tf flames and 3.7 from callie's imr batts..going out to make the vis right now lol..

Haha, thanks ;) Should be the same, more or less, coz it's the same reflector. I just want to know the hotspot size comparison. Thanks again for the vid ;)

no prob ;)..its a bigger difference than you think from looking in my phone while making the vid..p60 have more flood but these throwers sure do toss a ton of light on target..video is uploading in 4 mins..i'll post the link here when it's done

here is the vid


sorry getting a little tipsy haha

That's pretty good, pounder; when I finally do my thrower comparo it might be easier to video it. I got a lot better idea of your lights, relative to each other by simply seeing them turned on and moving around. My voice was not made for radio however but, other than that . . .

Also; the 980L never ceases to amaze me.


thanks foy!

the 980l always holds a place with me as a perfect thrower with a small size..it's almost the same size as a p60 with a slightly larger head..the way it stacks up to the x9 is pretty close IMO..I always wear the 980l on my belt on duty for its sheer size to throw (and lumen) ratio..what a great light!

edit: lol all voices were made for radio foy..just a few drinks to loosen up will do wonders :)

So, bottom line: the 980L can't hang with the X9, in your opinion?


in my opinion the 980l can hang with x9 easily..remember this is a 2.8 driver in the x9 i've modded..the x9 focuses the beam a little tighter than the 980l, but the 980l out to 100 feet makes a more useful beam..both these lights would be hard to differentiate had they not been side by side..there's a reason I keep the 980l on my duty belt..it's much more useful in daily life than the x9..and for the size I barely notice it on my belt..the x9 would be in the way the whole time..size+output+reflector makes the 980l one of (if not my) favourite light...


I've been accused of evangelizing the 980L but the longer I have mine, the more I love it. It is far and away my favorite flashlight.


I told you we should have done some Star Wars action Foy!! Then you could have seen my underdriven X9 which is still hella bright!

How many amps does your pull?

1.71A with a CK IMR and 2.35v-2.45 with 2 CR123a's.

Istillwanta980LthoFISH. ;)

If the X9 is as bright or nearly as bright at 2.5 amps as the 980L is at 3.5 or more . . .

You guys have a good time in our city of sin, fish?


The 980 has a pretty noticable donut hole, I stick with my 2,8A X9 as a thrower

There's some interesting info on this thread. But I'm not a fan of showing how good a thrower can be at such a small distances. Many seem to be satisfied by the backyard comparisons.

Where would you put 980L vs C8 in therms of throw. The reflector on the 980L is shallower . 980L - 40mmx26mm vs C8 41mmx33mm

Is 980L a better thrower because of the 4.xx A current draw? Some guy on Manafont reported 7A and 8A . Looking at Match's XM-L tests that is just useless.

I'm really curious what would be difference between C8 and 980L when both draw the same current how would that relate to the 980L's slightly shallower reflector.

I tested 2D Lambdalights XM-L with 2 x D batts for throw with 980L.

Yep, Lambda throws more but not by a large margin AND 980L had more useful beam, is far more compact, better battery option IMO and 3-modes. Looks good also.

Sooo... I sold Lambda after getting this even that it is far more expensive flashlight, it was just obsolete.

Would not have bought it without Foy´s review, so big thanks!