ultrafire and convoy c8 s

there are a couple vendors such as gearbest and lightmalls advertising c8 led lights with xm-l2 driven at 4000 ma. has anyone tried any of these and are they full of it with the 4.0 amp?

They don’t have 4A. Convoy uses often 2.8A drivers “ultrafire” uses whatever but noway 4A.
Edit: just measured an old ultrafire c8 with the normal 5mode blinky driver. I get 4Aon a Samsung 25R! It’s an old xml1 light and I just modified the driver so that it is no nextmode memory anymore and exchanged the driverspring, maybe also the wiring…

The Thorfire c8s is pretty nice and has a nice driver which can be modified for a bit higher amps.

i suspected they were full of it. just like their shipping and “your order on its way promises.” i have never dealt with a more dishonest vendor than lightmalls.

I’ve never dealt with lightmalls and I would be weary too but I do recall seeing several posts here on BLF saying that the C8 lightmalls was selling was one of the most powerful stock C8s sold. I haven’t seen that in a long time though and have never purchased from them. I have Convoy and XinTD C8s and both are excellent. I’ve heard good things about the Thorfire C8 too. I don’t know anyone selling a stock 4A C8 but there is plenty that I don’t know…

Sorry for the tangent, but can you tell me more about modding the stock ThorFire C8s driver? I have one that I swapped out, so I’d be curious to play with it.

The driver Looks like this

The R056 is the sensing resistor which Can be resistormodded the standard way. Lower the resistor value gives more current(of course only if you have a good battery like the 30q).

I am unsure if I modded my light…lol…it gives 3.5A with a 30q freshly charged…

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