Ultrafire C1

Where is the best place to buy a C1? What do you guys think. I am not keen on the spikey bezel, so would like it without.

Thank you,


I have four C1. The bezel in steel, short, originates from a UF 503b SS

The only change (in addition to the bezel) I made ​​was to add another o-ring in queue

I bought from DX and Manafont.

It was looking at your post About worn down flashlights, that made take notice of thew C1. By the way is that a toy car tyre as a cigar grip?


Yes, I used the tyre of a motorcycle “playmobil”, the original rubber was completely deteriorated.

I thought so! :bigsmile:

It needs a grip ring like the ones Solarforce use, but I don’t know where to buy them.