Ultrafire C1

Thinking of upgrading my Ultrafire C1 with a p60 drop in. Anyone have experience with a drop in for the C1 and which one did you use and what heatsink was applied....if any?

Did you mean drop in P60 xenon bulb for Ultrafire C1? I have one, not bad. Do remember to tale some extra CR123A batteries when going out...lol...

I believe its built like the majority of other P60 hosts. Alu-foil wrapping the dropin and fitting it in. Which dropin to choose? You decide what you want... i guess.

It used for mountain bike night riding.......so as bright as possible

If the runs are 30-45 minutes, I'd go for an XM-L dropin, if longer then you need something that uses less power - I imagine changing batteries on the go is a no-no. I'd look at the XP-G R5 (Or S2 if anyone is selling those yet) dropins.

Exactly my type of suggestion. I use both in fact for that purpose. You may want an XM-L anyway and run it at medium which is often around 1,2-1,4A current draw mark. Runtime around 2h. Plenty of flood and not so noticeable distracting hostspot.

I'm thinking to build myself a Hi 2,4A draw and med of 1,1A draw XM-L flashlight if i find a driver that let me do exatly that. I got one suitable from KD but i have yet to fiddle with it.

Incidently Budgeteer what other lights do you use on your night rides?

Always a P60 with a R5 and again a p60 with the manafont 3 mode H-M-L dropin which is awesome. Thinking to use the R5 as a backup otherwise wife bike light single mode easy to operate. I switch the XM-L on high when bored. :P medium works very nice for my needs and high is for "critical" moments. I cycle between 28-35Km/h so i don't need a light for long range. Trekking bike and just recreatively to help me stay fit. Actually finding a decent bike light got me here on BLF. :P

Wasted many nights looking at the millions flashlights on DX. Eventually ordered a romisen RC-N3. Good flashlight but surely i would not dare to use it for biking nowadays. Gifted to a friend soon after trying a li-ion powered q3 zoomie the romisen RC-C8 which is still the best 18650 zoomie i ever had by far. A friend of mine use it on a bike and he is very very happy with.