Ultrafire C3 (emitter?)


I bought a cheap Ultrafire C3 XR-E P4 on eBay

- wrong eBay description, “Q5” is written on the body

- 2mm (0.08”) shorter than C3 from Dealextreme

- 3 modes (Dealextreme is 1 mode)

- GITD O-Ring head

- make noise at low and strobe mode

- AA / 14500 (14500 not yet tested)

- very warm (yellow) tint, I dont like it

- emitter seems bigger and more yellow than DealExtreme C3

anyone have picture of Q5 and XR-E P4 ?

I never really used my Dealextreme C3 because there is a contact problem, need to tap head to turn on

Dealextreme C3 came with fingerprints on the glass and dirt (dust) on the emitter
It was the second flashlight of my collection (now 70 !) :slight_smile:

!http://img834.imageshack.us/img834/7306/ultrafirec32.jpg !

I think I received the same C3 as you. I was pleasantly surprised by the warm tint 8), so much so that I modded a Mini Maglite with it using Match’s mod.

Anyway, P4 and Q5 are Cree’s nomenclature for ouput bins their emitters fall under. Aside from the extra-yellow colored phosphor, both emitters should look identical because they’re both XR-E LEDs. I think the eBay P4 one may use the EZ1000 die and the other an EZ900, which is a little smaller.

iirc, Cree’s output bins go something like:
P2-P4, Q2-Q5, R2-R5, S2, S3, S5, S6, T2-T6, U2-U4

There are some pictures here.


It does not mean the LED is Q5.

Could be anything ...xre or xpe probably ..

seems as though the ultrafire c3's were really troublesome lights and there's tons of blf members who had problems with the aluminum versions and much better luck with the stainless steel ones ..

I don't like the light they never seemed very bright compared to other similar lights

i'm surprised you bought another C3 if you had problems with the first one ...must have been a super deal :P

I like the warm much better than the green ..